Watcha Gonna Watch: Part the Number 2

And we are back. I know you are all waiting on pins and needles for the final fourteen (and maybe actually hot) shows of the new fall season. Last week we learned that even thought there are a lot of guys on tv this fall, they aren’t all hot. Many of them are actually quite not hot. This is awful. So where are all the hot men these days? Let’s find out.

14. How to be a Gentlemen
– Sadly one of this fall’s shows that is supposed to be about men has very boring talent. David Hornsby is cute but Kevin Dillon is creepyish.

13. The Playboy Club
– The second show of the season trying to use 60s nostalgia has an admittedly attractive man in it’s cast. Sadly Eddie Cibrian is married to Leann Rhimes. That’s just crazy.

12. Charlie’s Angels
– For a show that is probably supposed to be chock full of hot women, it sure has one sexy man in the cast. Sadly, I don’t think there will be a lot of hotties in the regular cast. Ramon Rodriguez (sexy)

11. Ringer
– Yes, Buffy is finally back, but more importantly she is surrounded by men ranging from creepy, ancient handsome to dreamy handsom. I hope this twisty show finds a way for all these guys to end up in bed together.

10. The Secret Circle The CW does find very good man candy and Thomas Dekker definitely qualifies. This shows might have been bumped up on the list had Dekker gone gay like he was supposed to on that other show that time.

9. Whitney – What is with all the women centered shows??? Can’t they at least have more men like Chris D’Elia on them so they can be really hot?

8. Grimm – Things are not looking grim on Grimm. Star David Guintoli has my vote for break out hotty of the year.

7. Hell on Wheels – The title of this show might have hell in it, but the cast looks like heaven. A wide variety of types for all the connoiseurs out there.

6. Terra Nova – In the same class as the previous, this show has more men, but they are younger and hotter. Score! Even if it wants to be this years Lost.

5. Once Upon a Time – One of the real contenders for this year’s Lost has another wide swath of hot men. From the gorgeous Josh Dallas to the sexy male stripper of Robert Carlyle.

4. New Girl – For a show about a girl, this show has some the best Grade A beef out there. Perpetual hottie (and Veronica Mars alum) Max Greenfield is a mild obsession of mine. Oh and Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris are both suitably hot as well.

3. Homeland Diego Klattenhoff is hot. He is a man in uniform. I want to see him out of that uniform. That is all.

2. A Gifted Man
– As a society, we have been blessed to receive many opportunities to see Patrick Wilson bare buttocks. Sure most of his work is really serious, but who cares. He’s amazing.

1. American Horror Story – It looked for a while like the way to win was to have the most men per screen minute. However the real way to win is to be Dylan McDerrmott. This man is the most gorgeous, sexy, blue-eyed, dark haired piece on the planet. I’m not scared at all.


20 thoughts on “Watcha Gonna Watch: Part the Number 2”

  1. Hmmm. I think the odds of me watching any of those shows (hot man-flesh or not) is about slim to none. I just can’t get into things on TV these days. Oh well. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Caught New Girl after Glee and quite likely it. It was funny, unique (not the premise so much, as the way it was done), and entertaining. Plus, the eye candy, the number of times shirts were removed and a very hot black man in biker shorts and sleeveless shirts were just icing on the cake. This one I’ll be watching, until it stops being original and just goes stupid (ie Glee).


    1. Your “very hot black man” is the son of Damon Wayons, uniquely named Damon Jr — and will be returning to Happy Endings after Modern Family next week. He isn’t supposed to be on New Girl after the pilot episode … I’m guessing that he’s either recast or replaced. Happy Endigs is great — you should try it!

        1. Nice. Everything is cuter when it’s tiny, kittens, donuts, nipples. Oh wait, except penises. I withdraw my previous blanket statement.

  3. I watched the Playboy Club the other day. Eh.
    Terra Nova, Grimm and American Horror Story are on my list of shows to try.
    This year I finally did it and stopped watching America’s Top Model!

  4. I’ve started watching The Ringer and have picked up and dropped The Secret Circle. I’m looking forward to American Horror Story, Terra Nova, and Once Upon A Time.

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