What does Craig do instead of blogging?

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(Craig’s last blog post was July 18th.  What a lazy piece of shit!)


52 thoughts on “What does Craig do instead of blogging?”

  1. you forgot the slide where he’s installing more televisions in his place because he discovered an angle in his condo where he can’t see one.

    1. I’m now imagining a late night phone call to Polt asking for help using the washing machine because you are too tipsy to remember how.

  2. How flattering that Craiggers masturbates to my flat, white, old man ass. Guess there was a good reason for putting that phot up.

    regardless, it’s great to see that Craiggers is keeping himself busy.


  3. Snort! I’m kind of digging cartoon Craig, who looks mysteriously like cartoon Tam. I love “do you have this in argyle” and his blood shot eyes when he is drinking.

  4. I love that Craig has his hand down in his crotch for both the masturbation and the looking up exes part, but not when he is on Manhunt

              1. Usually, I go to the site to comment. However, today all of my comments are going here because that is where the content is.

  5. Awesome! I love cartoon Craig. And Tam. I hope I get to see more cartoon commenters in the future.
    I hadn’t noticed that Craig’s pants were off until the comments. You think of everything.
    The centipedes crawling into his mouth and ear are creeping me out.
    You could do a post – Craig’s vomit stain (like Spring’s pee puddles). I think it looks like the man in the moon.

    Maybe you should rename the blog, “Polt’s Ass” already.

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