After an unprecedented number of votes over just 24 hours (692 to be exact), Michelle M. has claimed victory in the first match of Cocky & Rude Fight Club Round 2!  Michelle M. earned an amazing 454 votes to claim 66% of the popular vote.  Coming in at an impressive second was Captain Kirk with 207 votes, or 30% of the popular vote.  And trailing with a staggeringly pathetic 31 votes (or 4% of the popular vote) was Polt in far last place.  We at C&R can only attribute his epic failure to our readers’ distaste with his recent ass photo.



12 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club: MICHELLE M. DEFEATS KIRK & POLT!”

  1. At least you aren’t posting photos of Kirk’s…shat-n-er.

    Kudos to Polt for running an honest campaign and not spending hours compulsively revoting in the poll.

    1. Well I DID vote several times. And I sent a notice out on facebook to a group of friends and had them vote as well. But no I dont think any of us got cramped fingers from revoting. But eh, whatever, I beat the Queen of England, so all of you voters-for-someone-else can just bite me. 😀


    1. The only reason you’re in the consolation tent is because, unlike me, you have a life and aren’t spending your day being pathetic and voting for yourself over and over : ).

      Have fun with Craig!

    1. Yeah, ya know, I was kinda wondering that myself, Michellle M. I mean, I never thought I’d beat you, but I really thought 2 dozen votes for me would be enough to beat Kirk. But whatever, I’m wasting time typing here when I could be getting consoled by Craiggers in the tent!


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