C&R Fight Club Bracket

Wanna play along at home?  Do you think you can pick the winners?
Here’s a handy-dandy bracket for you to keep track of Cocky & Rude Fight Club.  (Click to enlarge)

Round Two will be made up of six three-way battles.  Round Three will be made of two more three-way battles.  After that there will be one final round to determine the Cocky & Rude Fight Club Champion!  Who do you think will win the whole contest?  Pick the winner in the comments!  Or if you’re feeling extra-bored today, send us your completed bracket and I’ll post any that I receive on Sunday.  …if I receive any.


3 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club Bracket”

  1. The NCAA often gets accused of gerrymandering the brackets to avoid particularly poignant second round match-ups. No such accusations here.

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