Spring’s Favorite Things

Oprah has her favorite thingsBossy has hers.  Craig even had a few back in 2007.  Actually, I guess we all kind of have them.  They’re called Favorite Things.  So today, I present you with Spring’s Favorite Things:

The Bathroom Window is her favorite.  She spends motionless hours letting
the breeze blow through her hair as she looks out the window.

Kibble is her favorite.  She hates wet food, and most varieties of dry food for that matter.
Right now she’s happy with Blue Buffalo Adult Indoor Health.

Water Fountains are the only places to drink.  Water that stands still is ignored,
in favor of dehydration.

Murder is all just fun & games.  When she’s not attacking ankles, she’s ballistically attacking your face.

Talons more accurately describe her claws.  They’re sharper than Ginsu Knives and twice as deadly.

Small Crinkly Balls are the only toys worth playing with.  Everything else is crap.

Laser Pointers are the only exception.

Carpeted Cat Trees are best for climbing at high speeds, and keeping an eye on the surroundings.

Piles of Dirty Laundry are a great place to take a nap (especially on top of underwear).
Also acceptable: floors, chairs, couches, next to heaters, everywhere, etc.

and finally, Spring loves The Piss Puddle Game.
Watch your back (and your litter box), Jer-bear.


20 thoughts on “Spring’s Favorite Things”

  1. She’s got talons and attacks your ankles AND face, and yet somehow, you consider her a pet? *SIGH* Cat people, you’re all demented.


  2. As a child, my mom once accidentally exposed an annoying neighbor’s cat to fire then saved its life by tossing it in an open ditch of dirty water but not before all it’s hair was burned off. The cat was unharmed, just bald and muddy and exposed. And that’s my only story about a dirty, wet, hairless pussy.

        1. Yay Craig! I’ve lived with cats all my life, and been allergic for the past few years. Cetirazine works wonders for me in keeping the allergies under control.

  3. Nice claws. My cats only like canned food that comes with gravy. If it’s just pate they won’t eat it. It’s a treat though or they gorge and throw-up.

    Does she have one of those cat fountain thingies? Makes a great Christmas gift for the cat who’d scratch your face off.

        1. We got a Drinkwell (a low-end model) when our cat Ria refused to eat and drink. It didn’t entice him, but our young two-year-old twins love the thing. They rarely drink out of it the way the cat photoshoot models do; usually they knock the lid off of it and drink directly out of the filter assembly in the back.

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