To Wave or Not To Wave

I’ve been driving a Honda Fit for the better part of three years.  In that time, I’ve waved to nearly every other Honda Fit driver that I’ve passed in my travels.  In my mind, it’s a ‘camaraderie’ sort of thing. We are all driving the same car, so why not say a quick hello to each other?  A friendly passing wave, that’s all I want.  Drivers of other car makes and models do it.  Motorcycles do it … even bicyclers do it.


In three years, I can count on one hand how many return waves I’ve received.  My favorite was a lady about six months ago that matched my speed in the lane next to me.  With a giant smile, she emphatically waved at me and then pointed to her own car and then to mine.  Marveling at fact that we were both driving the same car she… Okay, okay — maybe that lady was crazy.  But at least she waved.

Seriously, why won’t they wave to me?  Am I detestably ugly?  Is it not obvious that we’re driving the same car?  Is the average age of a Honda Fit driver too high (and female)?  Do people just not do the ‘wave’ thing anymore?  What is it?  I’m developing a complex!  I need to know!!  Why do you think people won’t wave to me?!

And while we’re on the topic … have you ever been a car waver?  Do people ever wave back?


12 thoughts on “To Wave or Not To Wave”

  1. I’ve never waved* at someone driving the same car. I didn’t know that was a thing. Maybe people are concentrating on their driving (or texting, or talking on their cell phones) instead of watching you wave at them?

    *I have given the finger on occasion.

  2. Where I come from, waving means you know someone. Or you recognize their vehicle, which means you wave, then look quizzically at the stranger driving someone’s car/truck. Here the only wavers I’ve seen are motorcycle riders. They do that all the time on the highway but no one has ever waved at me in my Kia Rio.

  3. I’ve owned a Pontiac 6000, a Camaro, a Blazer, a Jetta, a Concorde and now a Versa, and I have never EVER waved to anyone driving a similar car, unless I knew them personally. Why aren’t people waving back to you? Cause they’re thinking, “Who in the hell is that ginger freak and why is he waving at me?”


  4. My dad is so proud of his truck that whenever he sees someone else driving the same make and model he honks. They generally honk back. Maybe you are super butch like my dad.

  5. Someone waves at me, I think “Unanticipated social contact with complete stranger who has ambiguous purpose for initiating the contact… no thank you.”

  6. I did once get a wave because of matching cars. I was driving cross-country, in Nebraska in a 12 year old Audi Fox with California plates, and someone with another Audi Fox was excited to see it. Of course, the average functional life of a 75 Audi Fox was about 8 months, so at 12 years these were in all likelihood the last two working Foxes in the USA.

    1. My next car occasionally got honked at, but it had a big “HONK if you love cheeses!” bumpersticker. (And it was in Wisconsin, where folk love dairy humor.)

  7. i do the wave thing on my harley and when i had a jeep in the 90s. i think that was a i feel for you driving the same crappy car as me thing. now people wave at me in my smart car all the time i just wave back. you don’t see many smarts where i live so you feel like a rock star.

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