10 Reasons Why Vaginas Are Gross!

In case you were not aware, I’m what scientists refer to as a “homosexual.”  In layman’s terms, that means that I’m a guy that is sexually attracted to other guys.  Females of the species need not apply.  And unlike many of my homosexual brothers, I have never tasted (nor stuck my aroused unit into) the mysterious pink wonderland that is known as a “vagina.”  Why not?  Simply put: vaginas are gross!  Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. They’re foreign!  What is that thing?  It looks like a mess of flappy skin with a hole in the middle.  Ew!

2. What’s in there?  Teeth?  I saw that movie … it was quite eye-opening.

3. They’re smelly!  I hear that they often smell of fish sticks and cabbage that has sat in the sun for a bit too long.

4. Yeast infections!  I’m not even sure what a yeast infection is … but ew!  Wash that thing out once and a while!

5. Periods!  Menstrual cycle?  Yuck!  Why is there blood dripping out of your vagina?
If it’s bleeding, then maybe you should just let it die!

6. Babies come out of them!  WTF!  How does a freak’n baby fit through that hole?  That’s disgusting!

7. The clitoris.  Straight guys can’t find it … I don’t even know what it is!
And upon research … is it just a tiny penis?

8. Queefs?  My dick never farts … why are there farts coming from your frontside?

9. How do they work?  Where does the penis go?  Where does the pee come out of?
Can Google Maps help me?  Please?

10. It’s not a penis!  ‘Nuff said!


205 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Vaginas Are Gross!”

      1. Well penis and balls arnt a fucking sight.. Sweaty hanging balls, and a fucking third limb with a head.. Like you need another one of those that don’t work..

  1. I can personally attest to the fact that not ALL vaginas are icky, or stinky, or bloody (well, ALL of them are at one time or another granted, but still). However, that being said, They can’t compare to a penis.

    Have you heard the song “Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny” by the Bloodhound Gang? Cracks me up, everytime! and it covers some the of the territory you’ve mentioned here.


    1. Straight men in reality are in love with penis, but they can’t admit it in public. Why? Cuz if you really love vagina, and are disgusted by penis, why not get rid of what disgusts you and get what you love? Proof is in the doing, a man who gets a vagina and marries a woman really does love vagina, all others are penis loving pretenders.

      1. Are you insane?? Haha..

        That make no sense, most are attracted to what they themselves don’t have.

        I am a woman and I love penis, but I would never like to have one myself.. I like being feminine and I am attracted to masculine..

        Opposites attract, you sound crazy! ;o)

        1. It was funny, don’t be so sensitive chick. Pussies are awesome but some straight men don’t like to put their mouths where pee comes out off. That is gross as fuck. I won’t go downtown unless I’m totally wasted or my girl knows she’s to go wash it first.
          I’m not a picky eater at all, and I will eat any food. But when I get that taste of asshole mixed with the taste of wet vagina…I gag.

          Women are the real slits cause they will suck a penis after I have worked all day and it’s all sweaty and gross. Don’t butch about anything EVER for being too dirty for you, ever….because every girl I have been with, never turned down penis, NEVER. I’m super gorgeous though….

          Don’t be so sensitive though. It was humor

          1. Wow, we’re sluts for pleasuring you? I want you to understand that this is not an okay way to talk. This is offensive and rude. You can’t even spell right. It’s a huge turn off when men are sexist, rude, illiterate, and egoistic. You are disgusting.

          2. Penis is amazing after being sweaty all day. A woman is supposed to be prim and proper and IMO for some reason their BO has never smelled appealing to me. It smells wrong, pungent and sharp whereas a man who has worked all day smells more soft and masculine at the same time.

            It smells natural and frankly one could nuzzle up against it to sleep on it like a pillow. It’s the most indescribably beautiful smell I’ve ever encountered in my life (provided that it is coming from an ATTRACTIVE DUDE 7/10 who is fit and works out regularly.) nothing like that smell from a beautiful man.

        2. Well he is gay, his brain has 25% sturture similar to woman, it’s okay for him to feel weirded by girls, opposite attract is true.

      2. That’s the problem with vagina: it has a woman grown around it. Actually woman is not the problem. It’s woman brain that exudes, spews, defecates woman thoughts, “personality.”
        Slave woman is in every respect 1,000…no, 10,000 times better. If she gives trouble, beat her. Not with a club, doof. Paddle her ass. That’s what is meant by “beat.” It’s what nice round woman ass bunsies are made for. If that doesn’t work, sell her for whatever you can get and buy another. Maybe two.

  2. two favorite things about this post
    1) the vagina is labeled as anus
    2) Oprah says Queef. “Today on the Oprah Winfrey Show Dr Oz talks to us about Queeeeefffffffiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

  3. Adam’s tempting a Freaky Friday body switch. That would be fun to watch.

    According to Google Maps, Texas is America’s vagina. Florida remains America’s wang.

  4. 1. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.
    2. They aren’t that mysterious.
    3. Polt established that they aren’t all icky, gross or smelly.
    4. The clitoris isn’t that difficult to find.

    1. I disagree with clit part, I mean why do all the woman even have it? It is just a mutated penis if we think logically, you know what bothers me? We can stimulate it with our dicks during an intercourse, what was god even thinking making such a faliure of a design, seriously.

      1. It’s not the entire clitoris that’s the problem. The problem is with the part that, when pulled out, looks like a little dick: the glans and shaft. That’s why really aware feminists like Germaine Greer advocate having that part of the clitoris removed. Not by some African granny with a rusty piece of razor blade or broken Coke bottle. By a skilled gynecologist or urologist who knows what she’s doing. Once it’s gone and the stump has healed, the rest of the clitoris is free to do its job: swelling on each side of the vagina. This encourages the deep vaginal (actually urethral-the corpus spongiosum) and cervical orgasms that give the woman satisfaction.
        BTW: this has essentially nothing to do with the butcher hacking jobs that have given clitorectomy a bad rep.

  5. XD idk how the hell I ended up on this website but I laughed so fucking hard lol. But it’s obvious you’re gay cause the clitoris, it ain’t that hard to find bro, and most of the one’s I’ve seen aren’t that gross. Still, Oprah queefing and the baby trying to get out the hole was pretty damn funny.

  6. Wow, I’m gay, and I don’t even think vaginas are weird, I mean seriously, compare them to penises… those things are defiantly the weirdest thing on the human body! My friend Jack is the straightest guy I know and he doesn’t worship vaginas, he almost threw up learning about them in middle school!

  7. Google lead me here, for some reason.

    I’ll admit, that is a pretty funny article. But, I’d much rather stick my junk into a vagina than inside the terminal end of another man’s digestive tract.

    1. Agreed bro lol, woman call dicks weird all the time, we never make or take it to heart, this is just humour at best, girls should lighten up.

  8. Wtf!! what ever prick made this website is a fucking arsehole lads aren’t so differnt there fucking distusting too , anyone could make a website about penis’s what a twat !!!!

    1. Anyone could make a website, but sadly it seems that not everyone can heckle with ferocity and use appropriate spelling and grammar. Adam is definitely a twat though, I’ll give you that.

  9. Ok, yeah, I have officially shunned you. I am 15 years old. A female. With a vagina, by the way. Let me go over all your points here:

    1.) Yeah, sure, vaginas look like baby aliens, but really? Penises don’t?
    2.) WTF?
    3.) Not all vaginas smell and you can’t purely say that based off of what you heard alone. A gay man who has never tasted a pussy cannot tell anyone else what one tastes like based solely on what they heard.
    4.) Which brings us to a related topic: not all women have yeast infections.
    5.) Did you miss middle school health where you learned all about reproduction? A woman bleeds every month because an egg is released from the Fallopian tube. If that egg is not fertilized by a sperm, then the uterus sheds its lining and disposes of the egg. The blood is tissue and the uterus cleaning itself out.
    6.) And, obviously you’re just trying to flaunt your gayness (I’m not homophobic; in fact I love gay men, but you sound like an obnoxious one) by saying babies are not miracles. How can you not think it is amazing for a sperm and an egg to make a freaking human baby!?!?!; how one cell can turn into trillions?!?!?! And yeah, childbirth isn’t a walk in the park for mothers, either. Men think they have it hard because they see everything going on down there. That’s NOTHING. Apparently childbirth hurts like hell. You try squeezing a baby’s head out of a 10 cm hole. It’s relatively gross, but still worth it.
    7.) Dude, what straight guy doesn’t know where a clit is? And how would you know? It’s not like you’ve ever seen one in real life, so shut the fuck up.
    8.) Ah, queefing. Can’t really explain that.
    9.) Again, were you absent the day of health class where you learned about the reproduction system and the vagina? I’m too lazy to explain the anatomy of a woman to you because you’re too stupid and incompetent to figure it out. Or a troll.
    10.) OH, ‘CUZ PENISES ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN VAGINAS? Cum? Don’t even think about it? Balls? Gross. And yes, I’m straight.

    1. Queefing is simply when air gets trapped inside the vagina.

      It wouldn’t gross you out, maybe cause a little giggling under the sheets, but really I’d tell him that he’s in denial of his secret obsession over vaginas. Pointing out that there’s a mini penis in them kind of gives it away. Maybe vaginas are gross, but then so are penises. Both genders have assholes, both genders have boobs and both genders have estrogen. Some more than others, but lets be real.

      If queefing is just a gist of why there are gay men in this world… More gay men= less babies in this world & cheers to the distinction of his vagina hating genes.

    2. Really, Megan?
      It’s amazing how women always want to think of themselves as beautiful flowers that don’t have anything disgusting about them and will attack and try to shame anyone who tells them otherwise. Well I hate to burst your “I’m a woman and thus everything about me and my body is beautiful” bubble but your stink hole is just plain disgusting -and that’s the least I could say about it. Why is it that most women act like little children when a man tells them their cunts are disgusting and are so quick to say “and your penises aren’t”, or “penises are disgusting too..”? This is really childish. I don’t think there’s a person on the planet in his right mind who would say that a penis is disgusting compared to a vagina. YOU KNOW it and every one else knows it too – there’s NOTHING ugly or disgusting about a penis. However, a vagina is just plain ugly, nasty and disgusting. A penis is just like a finger or kind of like a mushroom. What exactly do you find about either? A vagina is a fucking slit and spreading it a little will show the inside of your body -DISGUSTING. Let alone all the smells and other disgusting functions…

      * “Not all vaginas smell” !! Really? You wanna tell me yours doesn’t smell? ALL of them smell especially at certain times at the very least. Most young girls are just filthy and know nothing about hygiene, which means their cunts smell most of the time. Then you have this yeast infections that are so common…even more stench.

      * Ha ha ha! I love it -well, no I DON’T- when women try to make their periods look like a wonderful and beautiful thing. Look, Explaining why you have these disgusting periods DOESN’T take away from the fact that they ARE DISGUSTING and repulsive shit. GET OVER IT.

      * Childbirth is a “miracle”! Not when you have 7.5 BILLION of us. Yes, it is amazing how a human is formed from nothing but at the end we just have YET ANOTHER hungry mouth to add to the BILLIONS we already have. Is that a miracle? I don’t think so. If it is, it’s in fact a miracle that I’d like to see much much much less of. Also, how do you like Hitler, Stalin, and all the criminals and murderers…..who are destroying the world and making our lives miserable for a “miracle”? Looks like you idiot and all the idiots like you forget that all of them are a result of the “miracle of birth”. IDIOTS. THINK before you start barking.

      Well, I could go on and on and on but it’s just useless. So, face it, your crotch is just disgusting. It looks disgusting -mostly. It smells disgusting. And its functions are beyond disgusting. And you KNOW that. A penis, isn’t at all and nether are the testicles. You KNOW that too.

      Oh, and before you and the other fuckheads here start parroting the same old “you’re gay, faggot…” NO. I’m not gay. I hate gays and I believe it IS a sin but that doesn’t mean I’m going to say vaginas look and smell like flowers because they DON’T. Just because a man doesn’t worship cunts that doesn’t mean he’s gay, you stupid fucking asses. Most men will tell you they find vaginas disgusting but they don’t want to admit it because of all the shaming that other stupid men and women will start throwing at them.

      1. i agree 100% and completely about 75-80% of what you said… and violently condemn the remaining 20%. periods are disgusting regardless of their purpose. vaginas at any given time do tend to smell at the very least, given good heigene, slightly musky. vaginas do indeed look like somebody filleted a steak and put it on its side, so ew. a penis does simply look like an extra appendage… no chunks of filleted meat to compare it with :\ additionally.. this person made a good point about seeing inside your body. ew @.@ yeast infections. i know a girl who is clean, showers daily… and gets them… and they are disgusting :1 childbirth really is disgusting and horrifying and incredibly un-sexy. these things are the things that i agree with. the other things i find very offensive.

      2. The Men dick look like a dead meat hanging and the balls look deformed also not to mention the taste of certain men sperm yuck! I throw up sometimes when i did try drinking cum ew.. I was a man before now i change into a women why you say?
        Because when men take showers their dick become baby size also men have to release sperm alot so their dick don’t hurt when its to much sperm. Also their dick sometimes get caught by the { Zipper }! Ouch … a vagina you don’t have to worry about size. The men develop a Hernia , a hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a week spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia. The most common is hernia are inguinal (Inner Groin). And let me tell you this men bleed too! The men bleed from his penis after ejaculation i’m not gonna explain just look it up !

    3. Calm your tits, it’s just humour, and just in case you don’t know, a human females bleed because they failed to evolve properly, lot of mammal females don’t have periods, yup digest that one yeah, that being said the clit is just a mutated penis, a lot of mammals, specially aquatic one don’t even have it, and that makes the sex better for females as the vagina is more sensitive as whole rather than making the sensitive spot a useless fake penis that looks like pimple, as for testicles, there is nothing wrong with penises and testicles, they both are relatively normal to the most mammals in existence, and with that, I agree that semen is not very pleasant but then again, that varies from woman to woman in the life.

      1. Mutated penis!? You do realize that all fetuses start as female, right? So if anything penis is a mutated clit. 99℅ men are driven towards female anatomy for reproduction, you are 1% and something’s wrong with you..

    4. “If that egg is not fertilized by a sperm, then the uterus sheds its lining and disposes of the egg. The blood is tissue and the uterus cleaning itself out.”
      So if the guys you know don’t do their best to fertilize your egg, they are tantamount to murderers by negligence?
      In a former age girls started getting bred at puberty. They did not ovulate for months, perhaps a year or two. But if the supply of fresh sperm was kept up diligently, the chance was good that the first egg released would get fertilized. If this happened, she would be pregnant before experiencing a period (menstrual discharge). Nine months later if all went well she would pop a brat out.
      Nursing would usually prevent ovulation for six or more months. As f**king was supposed to resume 40 (boy) or 80 (girl) days after birth, she would not ovulate for the several months and when she did, sperm would be waiting on it. Pregnant again and still never having menstruated.
      Potentially a girl could go throughout her reproductive years never having lost a single egg to menstruation. So it’s the duty of every sperm donor (husband/boyfriend/f**ckbuddy/passing guy) to do his best to keep your vagina flooded with semen during your possibly fertile days.
      The Voice of Reason.

      1. In order for something to be a joke it should be . . .well, funny, and have the appearance of at least attempting such. All you did was be obnoxious and then try to claim it as a joke. The article is just a joke, it’s not trying to make you feel bad for having a vagina. Any person could find things that are gross about dicks . . .all genitalia is pretty gross. Relax, it’s a joke.

    1. Along with the slobbering orifices that, when open, give a disgusting peek into the beginning (usually) end of the alimentary canal. The mouth.
      How about the distorted, misshapen growths on either side of your head: ears? Pretty gross.
      Just peek up a nostril and find out how strong is your stomach. Globs of green and yellow goop with a boog or worse embedded. Barff.
      So what’s the big problem with vagina? The real problem is what comes along with vagina, as I described earlier.

  10. Yeah, I can’t understand how babies come out of these disgusting holes (or should we say quasi-anuses. lol). Ew… I am going to vomit if my face sees these things. XD

    1. Wow. What an obnoxious site for insecure gay men. The reality is that most men love pussy… get over it. No, most men aren’t secretly pining for another mans penis and don’t have a desire to stick their penis in another mans digestive track; but hey, if that’s what gay guys like to think to make themselves feel better then go for it… But that’s pretty sad. Good for you that you’re gay, but this site is pretty disrespectful towards women and not very funny. Im sure most gay men wouldnt find a website devoted to how revolting gay sex is very funny. I hope someday you all learn to stop being so insecure.

      1. Maybe because we constantly hear from you pricks how disgusting what we do is? After most of my life listening to how I’m wrong/stupid/weird/going to Hell/etc. for not enjoying that face-sucker, I think we have every right to explain WHY we don’t like them. A man touching another man (same for women) is not that big of a step because you have the same bits. The vagina is foreign, mysterious territory to us. Also for all the dumbfucks talking about us sticking our penises in the digestive track: Do you considered yourself sticking it into a women’s pisshole/blood cannon? No. You’re sticking it into a vagina. We’re sticking it into an ass. They’re both clean when we have sex. Get over yourself you self-righteous cunt.

        1. LOL we love women because they’re different then us.. its not rocket science to understand that

          they’re human too they’re not from Mars or something…

          Digestive track ain’t MEANT for penis to enter… its not.. and having constant Anal Sex would latter result in Rectal nerve tearing.. and semen in that area pretty much makes it more unhealthy

          Vagains in the other hand are NOT a digestive track so obviously they don’t STINK 24/7

          And do you know that female piss hole is different ? they don’t piss from vaginas you DUMBASS !

          and WTF Is up with you people going to sexual organs huh ??

          Isn’t it pretty fucking low of you guys ? Pretty pathetic i’d say because i think i care less about the sexual organs and more about the person i LOVE !

          Anal Sex <<<<<<< Vaginal sex

          Breasts/vagina <<<<<<<<<<<<< Throbbing penis

          I can't fucking imagine how to have sex with another fucking throbbing penis its IMPOSSIBLE!

            1. You’re a homophobic prick. First of all, plenty of heterosexuals have anal sex, and plenty of homosexual men don’t.
              Who are you to say whether vaginal sex is better than anal sex, or whether breasts and vaginas are superior to penises? It’s simply a matter of opinion.
              And for the last time, this list is a FUCKING JOKE.

              1. Shut the fuck up you worthless twig, don’t you have some cocks to suck in a dark alley? ;4the fuck outta here faggot.

          1. I’m sorry sir but I like dick. And yeah I think vaginas are gross but then again I’m gay and God made me this way. But I respect everyone for what they prefer, guy, girl, tranny, whatever. It doesn’t matter and you’re not here to tell everyone that straight sex is better than gay sex. Though I still can’t imagine how anyone can come out of that tiny hole I mean I’m a c-section baby lol

        2. asses contain shit,vaginas dont,its as simple as that,some gays bash women because they know that asses are gross and they like the smell and taste ,they must and thats fine but dont pretend ,the fact is shit stinks to high heaven and once i smell it im done,being gay is legal ,but dont expect poeple ,some poeple to think its not disgusting at least the anal part,.

      2. Straight people are extremely rude to gays too, so they have right to say things like this. Also, if they feel better about themselves saying things like this, they have the right to go ahead and say it. Freedom of speech!

        1. So your logic is revenge, stereotyping and putting all “straight” and “homosexual” people in boxes?

          If I use your “LOGIC” I would have the right to be rude to ALL white people, If I experienced a white person be rude to me?

          You have the mind of a child.

          No one have the right to insult anyone that isn’t directly involved. You cannot be serious about blaming every straight person for the actions of some? If I say something bad to a lesbian, SHE has the right to punch ME, she does however not have the right to punch my hetrosexual sister.

          If I was a homosexual or a lesbians I would be a palled by your comment..

      3. Girls like penis too if we admit it we get called slugs so they just say their gross. Vaginas are nastier men dont get yeast infections.

      4. Oh. Aren’t you Mr white knight mangina pussy worshiper? There’s NOTHING in this site that was offensive to women. All the guy did was state FACTS- that vaginas are disgusting, which they ARE. They look disgusting -mostly- and smell disgusting and their functions are more than disgusting. Even the biggest pussy worshiper would be disgusted by an unclean smelly vagina. I’ve never seen a man not show disgust at the mention of a smelly vagina or a bleeding one. ALL men get disgusted by just mentioning that. Geeee. I wonder why.

  11. I don’t really care.. that’s how nature has made us like

    Women are my only love interest and they’re more beautiful and slender then men…

    PERHAPS Penises are way more awkward to handle then a vagina which is internal penis is an external organ…

    I smell 90% gay in this article LMAO i mean wtf why would i even want to think about a a penis ? I already have one and i know how it exactly feels like and it does not want to hug another throbbing penis

    1. Well women being better looking than men is your opinion. I personally find men better looking than women.
      This list is obviously a joke. He also made fun of penises and boobs. Of course your tiny brain can’t comprehend that.
      And so what if he’s gay? Who are you to say gays are inferior to straights? Great job at being a homophobe, cunt.

      1. Homophobe ? LOL what ? just because i don’t like men sexually i’m a homophobe ?

        This article is FAR from a joke and filled with hate& jealously of women

        Women are way more aesthetically pleasing and its proven in History as many artists around the world have portrayed them as

        My brain is FAR from “Tiny” because i can understand gay sexuality but you people here don’t seem to comprehend the fact that Straight people are INFACT Straight

        1. This article is not filled with hate or jealousy, it’s just a crude joke. You’re a fucking idiot LOL.

          It’s been proven in history that women are more aesthetically pleasing because artists paint them? Uh….yep, the first guy was right, your brain is tiny as fuck LOL. Plenty of artists have painted muscular, nude men as well. The statue of David? Renaissance art? Do you actually know anything about art? Clearly not.

          I don’t think you’re a homophobe. But you have proven that you are a moron. I understand that straight people are “INFACT” (that’s actually supposed to be 2 words, buddy) straight. No one tried to say otherwise so what the fuck are you even taking about? LOL

        2. torenjohn, what an idiot you are! “Women are way more aesthetically pleasing and its proven in History as many artists around the world have portrayed them as” ! Really? Let me guess the sex of those artists. They must have been men. What a fucking moron you are! Of course they’re going to think women are more pleasing. Isn’t it natural?

          But guess what, idiot? If you actually study history and look at facts you will see that the Romans and the Greeks saw men’s bodies as beautiful as women’s if not even more so. Have you ever taken a look at their statues? I’d say they made more male statues than females. A muscular male body is much more beautiful than a woman’s. You think a woman’s body is beautiful but it’s not. It’s only nature and instinct playing its games on you. A chiseled male body is truly a piece of art.

          But tell me, how do you like a 300 pound woman?

    2. That’s the truth opposites attract why would I be interested in a genital that I have myself?! Gay guys have not matured into adults, that’s why they rather suck other guys’ dicks than go into that unknown territory and lie about being disgusted by vaginas. You’re not disgusted by them you’re just not man enough.

      1. How about those of us, like myself, who have slept with many more women that men, yet still think your fucking hanging roast beef stacks are horrid and disgusting? Am I scared of vaginas? I’m only scared of turning on the light and seeing your gross flaps dripping with dirty cunt juice, ya condescending bitch.
        Btw, what’s mature about coming to a random page, knowing you won’t be entertained, but instead butthurt, and then insulting all who feel differently that you? Lulz

  12. I’m a girl, and while I’m straight, I found this absolutely hilarious (In a good way). Many of you are judging each other on your sexuality, and none of you are correct. It is perfectly fine to be straight, and perfectly normal to be gay or lesbian. What’s not okay is that the world is so prissy on sexuality.

    For those who say they’ll puke if they see a vagina, sorry but get over it. You may have fun with your boyfriend and his penis, but please don’t insult my vagina. Yeah, blood comes out and shit but uh, your pee and your lil sperm buddies come out the same hole. Besides, you don’t see me insulting penises and I’m pretty proud of my vagina.

    For you dumbasses who say that gay ain’t okay, FUCK OFF. Seriously, this is a nationwide struggle. Gay: Okay or not? Well, they’re just like you and me, just attracted to different sexes. There is nothing wrong with gays, and there is nothing that makes you superior to them. We are all equal human beings who are all going to heaven unless someone rapes or murders or abuses someone else(which is what the nation should be focusing on, because it’s happening all around us everyday and “politicians” are worried if somebody’s married gay or not, not that thousands of people are literally in hell every moment they’re alive).

    We are all equal, don’t degrade one another.

    Oh, and by the way, if me, a thirteen year old girl can see this and some forty year old government official can’t, we need to worry about who’s running America above everything.

    Don’t hate, just speaking my mind.

    1. Well said. I especially agree with worrying about who’s running America above all. I know Gracie that you don’t want people to “hate” your opinion, but others have opinions too. It’s not wrong to not want people to disagree with you, but by telling them how to feel towards your opinion would then make you a hypocrite. I’m sure you’re familiar with this, it helps to be more aware.

      Above all, love what you hate. There’s a fine line between the two.

  13. Fuck this queer as well as 98% of all the other people that commented, just go and do whatever, but don’t make a fucking blog about it, and just so were clear, I don’t have gays nor do I have any problem with them, but who are you to say this horrible thing about the most beautiful creatures on earth, my conclusion is fuck you.

  14. Alright, coming from someone who regularly puts their d*** in something that s*** comes out of, really valid argument. Btw, I know it’s a joke , but women who know how to take care of their “equipment” don’t have an abnormal smell.

    1. The worst a well-taken care of vagina will smell like is sweat or really greasy hair. It will always have an odor, no matter what you do or say.

  15. The only men that go into detail about their promiscuity at my work are gay. Two former employees had HIV, and are still promiscuous. One even went as far as to tell me his boyfriend made him bleed last night, without me asking. Another told me his boyfriend had syphilis once. Yeah it happens to straight people too , but I don’t want to hear it, think ill puke. If I was gay I wouldn’t have anal for fear of a saggy loose anus when I’m 50. I don’t care what people say regular anal sex is wrong and disgusting, and unnatural. Anyone who says differently has a mental problem. I don’t respect anyone who doesn’t have respect for themselves or others, straight gay or otherwise. I have a few gay friends I respect, but many give gay men a bad name, including those who act like 10 year olds, ‘vaginas are icky’ Seriously grow up you came out of one and wouldn’t be here without it.

    1. Actually, I was a c-section baby so no, I didn’t come out of one. Silly assumptions.

      You’re choosing to generalize all homosexuals based on a few guys you worked with? You give straight people a bad name. There are plenty of slutty straight men who go around impregnating women and running for the hills, picking up herpes and spreading all kinds of other diseases. HPV is a common std that can develop into cervical cancer and kill women. As many as 1 in 3 people are potential carriers for it. Who do you think is going around spreading that? Not gay men. Makes me wanna puke just hearing it.

      You don’t get to determine what is and is not natural, normal, or good. If you think you can do that, you have mental problems.

  16. We can’t help having vaginas!!! Don’t you think I would have a penis if I could? Who the hell would actually want a vagina?? I would rather be a gay guy than a straight girl. 😦

    1. To be honest there is a lot of negative posts that reflect the insecurities of many of these authors. This seems to have been initially a joke however people have taken these things personally. If you are a woman then guys lets be honest and admit they are special and we care about them. There is some “battle of the sexes” undertones throughout and this is juvenile. Think about it… Would you like someone to treat your mum, sister or daughter second to themselves just because they are female. ( I’m a guy by the way) . What has anatomy got to do with someone’s worth. Here’s an idea….. Someone who has read all of these posts start a blog on how special we think the other sex and why. Both sexes have special gift the other doesn’t. Praise god that we are different and precious to him and unique. We all are trying to find acceptance so lets start accepting those we have differences with and in turn it will come back around. One last thing. The post before mine. You are female, God made you that way and he doesn’t make mistakes.

  17. Personally I find VAGINAS to be FUCKING GROSS AS SHIT. And yet I HAVE ONE!! (So any of those who see this I am interestingly a FEMALE)!!!

    Good lord, to those if you ripping on Adam and defending the nastiness that is the vagina he has one about the PENIS TOO!! And it is equally hilarious. Though I found this post more to my tastes because my extreme dislike of female genitalia.

    The penis as a 100% straight woman I find ADORABLE. IT LOOKS LIKE A FRIGGIN’ ANIMAL!!! AND IT MOVES LIKE ONE! SO CUTE!!

    I just got curious as I heard women yes WOMEN say how they found the penis to be disgusting. No. The VAGINA is the one that’s gross to look at. And with fellatio, referencing the mouth to a vagina REALLY TURNS ME OFF. I hate hate hate hate hate HATE THAT!!

    Anyway, kudos to Adam. You really made my day, man. You are hilarious and I honestly wish I had a friend who was not only gay but a friend like you. Fuck the haters. Especially the vag fuckers (defenders of the c*** in other words). *giggles like an idiot after writing stupid shit like she did*

    Get some humor people. I have the gaping sex hole also known as a vagina.

    1. Thank you. I’d trade my vagina for a weenie any day. I love being a girl, but I don’t like having a fish-infested Niagra Falls walking with me wherever I go. I can clean this thing as much as I want, but it’s soaking wet not even 15 minutes later. And for no fucking reason, either!

  18. hey sister girl! if u hate it so much then why do u gay guys envy the female being? I mean u talk like us, u try ur best to look like us but always turn oit to look like alians or a surcus doll. I mean u guys look ugly with ur muscline hand and leg. this is a discrimination to us females so I recon u juat feel insecure about us coz the majority of guys u crush on always turn out to chase females so just because ur not attracted to us u want to persuade straight guys to be gay like u!. I mean look at the bright side, penis is really ugly like a snake that has no face standing! !!!! yaikz…. and another thing is its not its not even gross to think that babie come ou of vagina because this is the first place u came out off(I bet u hate ur mum soooooo much). butit is totally gross that gay guys put theitmr penis in the HOLE THAT SHIT COMES OUT OF!!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK. Bet your FACELESS SNAKE STINKS LIKE SHIT PUKE after sex.lol im sooooooo lol :p

    1. I’m a c-section baby. I never came in or out. I’m just born gay. And I love my mummy! She is coming around and proud to have a gay son! Just because I think vaginas are gross does not mean I hate women. I mean we have parts or aspects of the human body that we find gross…

  19. You’re a moron. Vagina is where life is created! It’s the most beautiful organ of all. Luckily for us, str8 men love vaginas. You are hating because you probably love str8 men. A dick is meant to go into a vagina to create a human not up your ass idiot! Vaginas are beautiful. If they died while they bled creation would end. I love my vagina! Even when it bleeds and whether it smells, queefs (which is quite fun) or bleeds str8 men LOVE it and do anything for it! Stop hating and be grateful for if it weren’t for a Vag you wouldn’t exist…

    1. Karen, NO, idiot. Vaginas isn’t where life is created, you dumb ass. How dumb! And only pussy worshipers and manginas would do anything for a vagina. Real men don’t give a fuck about that stink hole. And no, not all men love that stink hole. I’m straight -or maybe asexual- and have always been disgusted by it. It literally makes me want to vomit. That’s why I’m single and have been all my life. I’d never want that disgusting shit anywhere near me on my bed. I can’t even understand how men can put up with that.

      And guess what idiot, without a penis you wouldn’t exist either. I guess you’re too dumb to realize it though because you’re too high on your stinking vagina. But have you ever thought about this – If I never existed I wouldn’t really mess anything, which isn’t actually a bad thing, you stupid brainless fuck.

  20. As much as i agree, you’re hating vaginas for all the wrong reasons bro.
    :without a period, you wouldn’t be alive
    :A yeast infection gets worse if you wash it, its caused by horomones and feeds on soap.
    : queefs…the vagina is a closed space, so if air gets trapped inside and the lips are closed, it makes a noise when it comes out.
    : The vagina and the urithra are two different holes.
    : i don’t even know where the clit is, and i have one.
    But yeah, vaginas are pretty gross, smelly, and oddly shaped.
    And it would be awesome to have a dick but anatomy is a dick, and i can’t be a gay guy if i’m not a boy…meh.
    This post made me laugh.

    1. YOU ARE NOT FEMALE! YOURE A GAY MALE POSING AS A FEMALE YOU FAKE! Vaginas are more beautiful than a rose! men went to war for the vagina/women! gay guys always want to copy females and envy females…pussy smells delicious! youre mad men want pussy and not your HIV infested small penis! its disgusting that you sit there and write this trash..WHEN YOU CAME OUT OF A VAGINA..UNFORTUNATELY! writing articles like this wont turn any guy gay! men loooove pussy! its all they think about..there is nothing on earth more beautiful than the human body!! especially the female body!
      and FYI, balls can smell really bad!

      1. Your wrong penies are an external organ easy to clean. Vaginas are internal and smell more and get yeast infections. As a woman I dont know why guys love vaginas so much maybe because they dont have one and know how gross they can really get.

        1. You know lady ? external organs are.. not comfortable.. they may be easy to “Clean” but its pretty awkward when you have an external organ protruding out in the open… its really vulnerable almost all the times..

          I really wish i could somehow “Retract” my balls inside my body so that it won’t be this vulnerable and clumsy to handle.

          though in all honesty.. if you don’t even clean your organs you’re pretty nasty person anyway it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female you’re still gonna have stinky privates if you don’t clean them.

  21. Vaginas are more ebautiful than a rose! men went to war for the vagina/women! gay guys always want to copy females and envy females…pussy smells delicious! youre mad men want pussy and not your HIV infested small penis! its disgusting that you sit there and write this trash..WHEN YOU CAME OUT OF A VAGINA..UNFORTUNATELY! writing articles like this wont turn any guy gay! men loooove pussy! its all they think about..there is nothing on earth mroe beautiful than the human body!! especially the female body!
    and FYI, balls can smell really bad!

    1. C-section baby here! Never came in or out! The doctors cut my mom’s stomach open and out I came! Also heard about test tube babies?!

    2. Thanks for repeating a few times how “ebautiful” the vagina is.

      You must be a really respectful straight guy the way you keep referring to it as “pussy”. You have no right to be attacking anyone else, lol.

      What is up with straight people assuming that homosexuals are trying to turn people gay? We’re the ones trying to tell YOU that sexuality is something you’re born with – we’re the ones people are constantly trying to “turn straight”.

      It’s disgusting that you sit there and write this trash.

  22. A gay guy told my wife that he wishes he had a vagina sooo bad. They envy women to death,its sickening. They know for a fact that women are on a man’s mind 24/7. Women pay these little phags no attention!!! real men love women! you will never compete with the likes of marilyn monroe, sophia loren,kim k,beyonce,rosee divine,mulher melao,mulher melancia,sophie dee,mahlagha jaberi,carmen electra,megan fox,anjelina jolie,cleopatra,adriana lima,katy perry, the women of the facebook page “Sexy curvy roses”
    you have nothing to say about females..you cant attack beauty. but what you do is envy from afar..youre pathetic! I dont blame countries like saudi arabia,uganda,sudan,iran,jamaica and others for how they treat you. God will also deal with you accordingly

    1. Chill out gurl! (I call everyone that BTW) It’s a satire! God made me gay! And me not liking vaginas =/= I hate women or beauty or whatever. I respect everyone but that does not mean I should like every part of their body.

    2. That list of celebrities and the mention of some softcore porn Facebook page….this guy is obviously single and horny. Be honest, you don’t have a wife.
      Either that or she’s ugly as sin and her vagina leaves you forced to fantasize about women you can never have, LOL. You’re so jealous and pathetic, it’s disgusting.

      Gay guys, pay this sad little small-dicked str8 guy no attention!!!! Real men don’t spread hatred around like that.

    3. More like transgender men are envious of women since they were born the way the transgender should’ve been born. Never heard a gay guy that’s envious of a woman because she’s a woman. Maybe jelly of the man she has or something, but not because she has a vagina and titties.

  23. Coming from a girl who likes guys and girls and has many gay and straight friends, I think the constant exchanges of insults and arguments on this site over whether vaginal or anal sex is better are quite frankly childish and insulting to both sides. Why can’t people just accept that there are straight men who like vaginas and gay men who like penises, and others who like neither or both. I think many people here need to grow up and find some respect for others who may be different to them.

  24. actually, men’s sperm, or whatever that nasty white stuff, that comes out, actually smells like bleach, and looks like mayonnaise! GROSS! I have actually been close enough, to a man, a straight man, of course, to actually be able to smell his gross mayonnaise looking stuff, that smells like bleach, when having sex, with a man, a straight man, of course! GROSS! men might think OUR periods, are gross, but I think that men, are gross too! men can be REALLY gross too, not just us chicks, when we are having our periods! smells like bleach, and looks like mayonnaise! yuck! sperm, or whatever that nasty white stuff is, looks like mayonnaise, and smells like bleach! and men’s butts, sometimes, smell like rotted Taco Bell! I have been with a few men, who’s butts, actually smelled like rotted TACO BELL! how often did THOSE men, wash their HOLES, and SNAKES?! I’d like to know, just how OFTEN, THOSE men, I went out with, actually washed their SNAKES and HOLES?! nasty! THAT’S JUST NASTY!!!!!! Me To The Man: Here’s Some Industrial Strength Soap, A Bar Of Radiation, Something! Go Clean Your Nasty Self, Dude! THAT is actually WHAT I said, to one of the many men, who smelled, really, REALLY BAD! Please Go Clean Your Nasty Self, With This Bar Of Radiation, Industrial Strength Soap, Or SOMETHING There, DUDE! YOU SMELL!!!!!! he just left! when I got done saying THAT, to his Nasty ASS, he just left! good bye, and Don’t come BACK again! THAT’s what I said to myself, as he was leaving: GOOD BYE, and DON’T BOTHER COMING BACK, YOU SMELLY ASSED DUDE!

    You all are wasting your time. We all have opinions. Just go live on your lives, and leave this website if you don’t like it, and if you like it, then stay and laugh. Goodbye.

  26. It’s absolutely hilarious how so many straight people have overreacted to this post! Some have gone so far as to say things like “it’s been proven throughout history that women are more aesthetically pleasing”, “gay men are envious of women”, or basically implying that they should be killed…I mean, wow.

    This was obviously just a (fairly distasteful) joke, and plenty of women seemed to be able to laugh at it. As someone else pointed out, everywhere we go, we will be judged and misunderstood by narrow-minded straight people who want to tell us how “disgusting” we are, this was just a tongue-in-cheek reply to that sort of mindset.

    Gay guys are envious of women? Uh, no. I would say a good 90% of women that I meet have given me the “all the good ones are gay” line – and plenty of gay guys have developed crushes on their friendlier heterosexual counterparts. We’re all human beings and it’s part of our nature to want what we can’t have.

    Historically proven that females are more aesthetically pleasing because artists paint them? This was a pretty “wtf…?” statement. Ever heard of the statue of David? Renaissance art is loaded with big, buff hotties depicting the “ideal” male form. Please don’t comment on things that your lack of education has made you ignorant to.

    As far as anyone who made comments condoning the murder/prosecution of homosexuals: congrats, you’re basically on the same moral level as Adolf Hitler. That type of twisted, hateful mindset pretty much voids any potential logic in whatever argument you were trying to make.

    All in all, everyone needs to chill the fuck out.

    1. Dude i don’t care how insecure you are with your sexuality you don’t have to be such a dick about it!

      This article is “funny” because of its juvenilenature and lack of fundamental understanding of sexual dimorphism

      Straight men only find women sexually attractive and gay men don’t seem to understand that and go out of their by making hilariously ignorant&sexist articles like these.

      It is scientifically proven that women evolved to be more beautiful&aesthetically pleasing whereas men were not this can also be evidently seen in animals like peacock&peahen(i know that peacock is a male but you can clearly see that clearly see that peahens can’t even hold a candle to peacock’s beauty despite belonging to the same species)

      You can even see this in our media&culture where women are used to promote products and even breast cancer is more of a hot topic than say “testicular cancer” and monolisa is more popular than the painting of the last supper,in fact monolisa is the most popular painting i know of!

      Say what you will but a man’s body is not as slender or graceful as a woman’s body and not to mention a hairy sack of balls attached with a hose is awkward to handle!

      A man can be handsome&courteous but he can’t be beautiful.

  27. read it… honestly: F*ck you!
    you came out of this “gross” thing, nice of you to disrespect your mom, should tell her what you say!
    now go on and choke on a cock! (you might even like it)

  28. hahaha, that shit was really funny. Great writing skills. Anywhore – you guys’ penisia compete for space with poo in anothe man’s anus. Doesn’t get more gross and unnatural than that 🙂

  29. You are a misogynistic asshole. Enjoy your homosexuality because women wouldn’t want men like you. Don’t they have it hard enough in the workplace, juggling work and home lives while men sit around and make lame jokes at their expense? Why do you feel the need to put other people down? Oh now I remember, it’s in defense of your sexuality. Perhaps you should focus on why you enjoy men rather than humiliating the gender that you don’t prefer. Would you like it if I made a post about how sick and disgusting wet dreams are, boners, smelly sweaty penises and the alien appearing one eyed monster? No I didn’t think so.

    1. At least I don;t have bread coming outta my dick.LOL .I have personally seen yeast infections they are revolting and women should be more discreet about leaving their filthy underwear lying about like my current gf. I think I may leave her .some women have no shame or self respect and no I’m not gay either.

    2. Humor isn’t your thing, is it? Just because a person doesn’t like vagina doesn’t mean they don’t like women. That’s the most ridiculous and flawed logic I’ve ever heard. I’m a girl and I like women just fine. I just don’t like our privates because, honestly, I’m not a fan. Extremely high maintenance, fact, and not particularly pretty, in my opinion.

    3. this post is sick, oh you poor mangina! Gosh! Where do manginas and white knights and all the pussy worshipers like you come from? Oh yeah, from single whores (aka single mothers) who taught them to hate themselves and worship women as goddesses. You poor ignorant brainwashed dumb fuck. Go educate yourself. I’m sure you call yourself a “privileged” male. Tell me I’m wrong.

  30. Asshole! Did you came out of a man’s ass when you were born? It’s better if you go fuck yourself cause no one deserves to stick his dick in your filthy hole! And i’m a gay man also btw

  31. I’m a straight guy had loads of women and as I age I agree vag’s are quite gross.I mean honestly some are worse looking than others,but come on and be honest none are nice to look at.I am tired of my gf leaving her bloody period panties lying around where they can be seen,It is seriously putting me off her and women in general,I do NOT need a woman to function,been there and bought the fucking t-shirt!

  32. Coming from a girl, I’d much rather have a dick. They’re easy to clean, easy to shave and easier to handle in general. They aren’t leaking faucets(guarantee they leak more than a happy sausage), they don’t bleed a gallon of blood in a week every month and they don’t risk smelling like canned fish if cared for properly. There isn’t a billion folds to clean, and a penis isn’t going to bleed and tear during intercourse, unless it’s trying to fuck the Iron Vagina/Ass. Don’t get me wrong. I like being a girl well enough, but having a vagina sucks.

    And anyways, to all the hard-assed and humorless pricks, it’s for fun. Vaginas definitely look like face huggers. There’s no denying this. And he wanted to get some laughs. I liked the Lake Titticaca and Absorbed Dinosaur Tail, by the way.

  33. Hahahahahaaaaa.
    If you don’t like vaginas then cool, if you don’t like dicks right on.
    Get over it. 😉

  34. Dude i don’t care how insecure you are with your sexuality you don’t have to be such a dick about it!

    This article is “funny” because of its juvenile nature and lack of fundamental understanding of sexual dimorphism

    Straight men only find women sexually attractive and gay men don’t seem to understand that and go out of their by making hilariously ignorant&sexist articles like these.

    It is scientifically proven that women evolved to be more beautiful&aesthetically pleasing whereas men were not this can also be evidently seen in animals like peacock&peahen(i know that peacock is a male but you can clearly see that peahens can’t even hold a candle to peacock’s beauty despite belonging to the same species)

    You can even see this in media&culture where women are used to promote products and even breast cancer is more of a hot topic than say “testicular cancer” and monolisa is more popular than the painting of the last supper,in fact monolisa is the most popular painting i know of.

    Say what you will but a man’s body is not as slender or graceful as a woman’s body and not to mention a hairy sack of balls attached with a hose is awkward to handle!

    A man can be handsome&courteous but he can’t be beautiful.

    I really hope evolution at least eliminates the need for a hairy sack of balls.

  35. Ahhh medically uneducated. Cute. Nothing quite as sexy as ignorance. Men get yeast infections.. so do babies and dogs and cats. Yeast bacteria lives in your intestines along with probiotics. If the probiotics are killed off by antibiotic use or if the yeast is fed lots of carbs/sugars.. VOILA! Yeast infection. Ever heard of athlete’s foot or jock itch? Yeah–those are yeast infections, Dude. You can get them anywhere on your body – hands, feet, armpits, anus, butt crack.. anywhere.

    It’s a fungus..washing doesn’t help. A proper diet and no antibiotics is what prevents it. So when your guy friend gets a butt-crack yeast infection, you may want to re-think that “Ewww” thing and just get him some Diflucan.

  36. Oh..and the fishy smell? That’s infection usually passed to them by the guys. Girls who aren’t using things like dildos, diaphragms and .. well.. promiscuous guys.. are pretty safe from that. The vulva has no odor on it’s own.

  37. Hey buddy.remember this.People with short left index fingers date women and people with short right index fingers date men. Everytime some (straight) guy comes on to me,I feel like throwing up and taking a shower. Everytime I’m in the gay ghetto,I have to keep the second-hand smoke and taxis away from me. When I had to share a motel room with my mother and step-father (2002),I leaned over and threw-up on the carpet.They thought that I was sick ,but it was because I couldn’t stomach being in the same (bed)room as them.

  38. Apparently, since your a (gay) male, you don’t know about the multi-orgasm, the one hour orgasm, or the g-spot. There is also no need for douche-bags, v.d. clinics, abortion clinics, or Rape Crisis Centers.

  39. I’m a gay girl, so I don’t feel that way about vaginas at all. In fact I feel this way about dicks.
    However, this article was pretty fucking funny.

  40. Ummm…an asshole is 1000 times worse than a vagina. They are loaded with disease causing bacteria, filled with shit, prone to spread STDs, bleed and get hemorrhoids, and are an evolutionary dead end. Although you may hate vaginas, you owe your life to one. Thank god your father fucked a pussy or you wouldn’t exist. If everyone thought like you, we would go extinct in one generation. Homosexuality is a selfish luxury, the rest of us carry on.

    1. Another pussy worshiper trying to get some pussy approval. Aren’t you? Some manginas are willing to say anything to get female approval, which is really pathetic. Hey hypocrite, you know and every one on this planet knows that it is vaginas that are gross in every way, NOT penises. Your hypocrisy is disgusting.

  41. I’m a woman and I too think vaginas are gross. Although personally mine smells quite nice, I love rubbing it and sniffing my fingers. I’ve also never had a yeast infection. Periods are disgusting and make me sick. I’ve only queefed about 5 times in my 30 years of living. I would never ruin it by squeezing a baby out, thats so nasty even though it’s natural. Anyway I actually came here to say that, even though some of us agree that Vagina’s are gross, a large percentage of the world (mainly males) are obsessed with them. Like truly obsessed. They spend all day looking at them online, wanking over them and trying to get them in real life. That makes having a vagina like owning a key. A key to millions of $$$$$$$’s worth of weak vagina loving mens cash. Thank the lord for my gross vagina. Amen.

    1. Hey, has it ever occurred to you that just like men love vaginas, women love penises too? You worship penis and the only reason why you don’t chase it is because you know men will do it first. If men stopped chasing women (vaginas), women would do the chasing. You don’t prove anything. Men love vags, and women love penises and would do anything including raping a man when you’re horny enough and you need a cock up your stink hole. You KNOW it.

  42. Lol this is funny, who taking this serious? Why it is funny to me? Well…the op wasn’t serious he just wanted to rant and I have seen soooo many rants on the internet already *coughtrocoughtrollcough*
    It started when I saw penis (from porn) for the first time….And ended up searching on the google as to find out what women thinking toward man’s cock when it releasing sperms, you know when it tip trembling and how the skin moving all those scenes just….No offended, but I was genuinely almost throwing up and scare the shit out of me. But why I get here I don’t know all i know is “Meh I got an opposite result from GOOGLE….” Google you disappointed me AGAIN :5

    1. wtf. can anybody understand that? i swear to god the internet is destroying language as we…. or appearently just me now… know it.

  43. LOL!!

    Do me a favor and (1) smear your jizzle over your eyeballs and then cover them with duct tape.(2) Sit there for about a minute until your retinas have turned to ooze. Mission success!! You can no longer use the Internet!

  44. On porn pictures the vagina looks like a scar. As if something is missing, because it has been surgically removed. It is ugly even if not stretched or shown up close.

    The fact that women get irritated by articles about the appearance of a vagina or the process of taking a piss, proves that they feel “insecure” having a pussy. Else they wouldn’t give a damn.

    I’ll admit tha ballsacks are ugly. But a woman has nothing bug a ballsack, and she probably pees all over it every day. Gross.

  45. This is how much I’m repulsed by vaginas – every time I see an ad for tampons or pads or hear the word “period” my whole body just shivers in disgust and suddenly I don’t want to even think about women. I wouldn’t look at even the most attractive woman on the street for the next couple of weeks at least, because all I can think about is the possibility of her being on her period and all that disgusting shit that’s coming out of her. It just fucking turns me off all women. I really wish women didn’t have vaginas and had something else instead. I mean really, god could’ve given them something a little less disgusting than their vaginas. At least he could’ve done away with their periods.

    I once lived with a roommate who was a big time womanizer, or a male whore as I’d call him sometime. One day I’m walking in his room and I see this women underwear on the floor of his room and it had this thing -I couldn’t really see what it was- on the crutch area and I got closer to look at it and oh my god, it was layer upon layer of crusted blood or puss or god knows what covering the whole crutch area. It was the panties of a woman that had spent the night there. Disgusting is an understatement. That was one of the most disgusting things EVER.

    Another woman he used to see left big circles of bloody stains on his new mattress. She had leaked on his mattress while spending the night with him. How fucking gross! Seriously, what do men like about this shit?

    Thank god I don’t give a fuck about sex or women. I do have some attraction towards women but it’s not strong enough and I’m mostly asexual. Sometimes I find everything about sex just disgusting. Asexuality is a blessing.

  46. Vagina, just as cocks, come in different shades and sizes. I am very proud of mine. I have gay friends, they admit that they wish they has a vagina. 1st of all why? It is naturally lubricated, could play all nite, experiences multiple orgasms, including the occasional squirting..unlike of what vagina haters are talking about, it is no true, healthy vaginas, do not smell, when women follow just as man, good hygiene, healthy diet, and common sense, shower or refreshes before having sex, is just lovely. However in another hand, gay sex it is a lot of work, this poor starving, many loaded with fiber diets, are simply miserable!, they must prepare to fuck..take a dump,use enema to try to clean the unclean trash ass disposal, Dush, and even after all that work, prepare their jaws for their marathon of sucking dick,and sweaty stinking balls, to get a two minute fucking their ass farcy hairy, sweaty,sticking ass, where have to be lubricated, while tearing membranes, and having fecal residues inside their dick, with guaranteed yeast, fecal,and herpes, std;s infections ..now gay sex is far stingier, unnatural, disgusting, ..and let’s add, their promiscuity rate is far higher than heterosexuals!!! Gross.

    Now, about the pussies, they are so envious!!! Now you know why….sorry fags jerk off, shame on you nasty comments, you came from a woman that carry you asses for 9 months they should have poop you out for your pathetic mentality, and disrespect.

  47. One more thought …..regarding the pussy comments from faggots, they are porno watch queens, so yeah, real average women, do not look like porno stars,This women pussies, have been mutilated my piercing, stretching by toys, and black over large cocks, suck into comma, and sure they must be very stinky as gay men cocks, going on the back door entry, the food ass disposal, where shit seats. So yeah if those type are the ones you referring to, then you are right on those …that as yourselves let a cock swim in fecal material, then back into the pussy, and dig into the mouth…then u right they are as nasty as YOU, and stink just like YOU Enjoy you gay sex, and your nasty porno where you get that pussy perception, and hey have a Joy trips to the toilet, with your stretch fart ass, putting up with your hemorrhoid, and jock ass itching, I bet your ass is uglier than any pussy you seen.. while you are so busy downing on women genitalia …I feel sorry for pussy haters, they were bullied in school, no friends, little cocks, and premature ejaculators, GOD did not make you gay, you choose sexual experimentation, you hate your mother, sisters, religion, got confused, with porno addictions, and since you jerk off so much and got so familiar and narcissist with your dick, you pussy haters end up obsessed with other men cocks, and yours was so tiny, you had no chance on landing the pretty pussies, so had to hate pussy to love Cock…buuuhuuu GROSS ..no one really likes you.

  48. I guess the pussy envious haters are to busy with their bathroom incontinence runs, as once their ass stretches is like one open whole letrin (one of those old toilets) from the old days where could not be clean up. My straight male friends say, pussies are so fine, is like placing their cock in a warm sweet huggable, squeezable, petals,..they say feels way better than a blow job, …liking is like a peach without the seed, and touch in it is amazing, cause is a treasure hunt, specially when fore play, makes it ready like nectar, warm,slippery,and so naturally lubricated….now my gay friends..they envy the softness, of a woman contour, they wish they have breast with hard pointy playful nipples, not to have to shave so much, they gag about some of odors after fucking with their gay encounters, there is not such a beautiful, cuddling, NOooo they have to clean that filthy ass, and take a dump to empty their trash,also they admit, about the lust and multiple gay partners, and their madness high unfaithful partners!!!!! ….also admit to their perception, they think inside every straight men could turn into gay sex, but they know, no matter how much they try isn’t the reality, straight men know ass is meant to release waisted, not pleasure, ..and stinks always, even if u washed, there is always fecal material, is Not self cleaned like pussy. So for all you fuckers, that wish to be girls, guess what, You never will, no matter how much make up u wear, how u dress, or hide your cock. Pussy is the best, and you hated, cause u can’t have it I!!!!!!

  49. Ha,ha,ha!! Mom funny and sad! Ladies I am a straight man, you don’t have to cater to foggots insecurities, I agreed those comments they made aren’t jokes, they truly feel like that, insecure, threaten by what the can’t never come not even close!!! I was curious to what was the responses, so from a straight guy point of view, ..1st of all they don’t know what they are talking about, their gay, they like cocks, unless they have eating pussy, they can’t talk shit. Evidently they are jealous as he’ll hahaha!,, Now from a plaYer, and pussy expert, I love eating pussy LOVED, nothing give me more pleasure than foreplay, and feeling your delicious flowery scent, slippery wet lips, warm, soft, and beautiful. Neither I or friends of mine had those bad comments to say about girls they have been, we understand women cycles, and it is part of their nature, you were given the special gift to procreate, something gay guys could never do either…. So be proud of yourselves, and used protection, the only chance u can end up with a stinky pussy is if you get fuck in the ass, and they inserted to your vagina! …Now about fucking another men ass that is purely gross and unsanitary, Shame of them for insulting pussy when they engage in those acts, where for sure are far more smelly than any period, vomit, diarreah, put together, gay sex is lower than dirt….yakkkkkkkkkkkk,….

  50. No matter what you say about it, I love my vagina and my period. We have the power of Life that men cannot have. Also, penii are kinda gross too, harbouring infections under the foreskin, smegma and nasty smelling and tasting cum. At least our fluids taste nicer

    1. Actually, you can’t make life without men’s cum, plus its scientifically proven that Foreskin is WAY more cleaner than a Vagina, way way more.

      Remember, a penis is easier to clean to than a vagina.

  51. Whats up with you ?? why so much hate.. are you jealous you are not a girl ? vaginas are beautiful like a flower and discrete, i dont see how a dick would be more ” beautiful ” than a vagina… how can you say such things especially about the baby part.. dont you have a mother ? shame on you

  52. Your fucking retarded. ….or a homosexual…… I think your just retarded. …. mens dicks aren’t that great looking either. …. and your piss holes smell and so do your balls and ass hole. Most men do the even wash their self properly. You think a little water and soap does the trick. …. if you think vag is gross tell your mom everything you just said. And I’m certain that your a nasty fucking anyhow. Dicks look weird. … like wtf is that…seriously think your gonna make her happy or him…. who the eff cares what you think. You want to make a page on vaginias. ..make one on how nasty your cock is….and all the nasty shit you do with it. Tell everyone where you’ve put it. In the shop vac. ….between couch cushion. …in you best friends ass. ..his mouth. … you seriously need to grow up. Like I said your fucking retarded. …a homosexual….both in wrong with that. But you bash pussy. …just as much as you probably bash an asshole…..what are you like 12 years old …..you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a women. We carry bitches like you inside of us. We give birth to fucks like you and your poor mother should beat your face in you disgust alot of people. Pussys only stink like fish or road kill if the botch don’t know how to wash it. We queeve because air gets pushed I there by dicks like you. Or by moving get a certain way. And Mt thought on porn….the shit is all fake… you see them bitches with fake titts. Fake pussies ( yea there is surgery for that) fake face….ass. most of them fake period. And for all the shit you men think women like and do in porn is wrong…. we don’t want our faces jammed into your junk…… and for all the freaky ass women out there…..codos and amen…. but some of the shit you with in porn is fake….if you want to learn how to do shit to your partner. …..why don’t you learn on your own….. women are the stronger sex. Scientifically proven. We can handle more pain.. and no not end of rant.

  53. At least we have the ability to create human life. Something that you received from a woman.

    Oh and when we are created we all start off with female organs. ☺

    If you are gay stick to talking about penis. You don’t like when people ‘judge’ the gay community for liking the same body parts as them so stop judging what a straight man thinks of a vagina. Makes you worse then they are and harder for people to accept everyone for who they are.

    and lesbians love it too so who cares what you think!

    There are unfortunate things about a vagina and a penis. Doesn’t mean they are ‘gross’.

    This article is the most stupid thing I have read. Please go and get educated because you sound like a 14 year old trying to have an actual opinion but have failed big time.

    Love everything about yourself.. we created that way for a reason ! Woman or man.

    1. Lighten up Francis. Take a joke. If it wasn’t for vaginas you guys would have been wiped off the planet eons ago. Why the hell else would man put up with your incessant whining?

  54. A baby growing inside a vagina is gross? It’s called a uterus. Also, where the hell do you think you came from? Without women, you wouldn’t even be here.

    Smarten up.

  55. I think there are some vaginas, penises, and assholes that are disgusting looking. I tend to like bodies and faces more than sexual body parts. Male pecs and women’s boobs I think are nice.

  56. The tags ARE THE BEST!! I laughed longer at the tags than anything in the entire article and that’s bad. Speaking of bad, your article was horrible.

    Do you really think that sticking your dick in a SHIT HOLE is better…OR SANITARY? But blood only comes out of a vagina once a mnth, thank god…..shit comes out of our asses EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!!!

    I love me some gay men, but the thought of anal sex, the smell OF SHIT makes me gag. I’m gagging now.

    Next time I go take a huge shit I’m going to try and imagine sex. I guess that’s what gay sex is like. And the nerve of you to talk about women.


    IM gagging. I have to go

  57. You guys are acting like idiots. Both the penis and vagina are needed to create a human. Also Just because your a c-section doesnt mean anything because you needed to developed in a vagina. Everyone of you were born with many different things about you. Calling each other ugly or lower than the other because of something you had no control of is not going to solve anything. Instead its just fueling each others hatred. We honestly don’t need that in this world. What you see as ugly or differnt could be differnt from someone else, just keep it to yourself unless its acually doing harm to someone else or you. If thats the case than bring up the point how its harmful and if they dont wanna listen and continue, just ignore or report. Simple. No one comments back then they have no reason to contine and the page will get less views because it has less coments and wont be in top page.You guys are acting like idiots. Both the penis and vagina are needed to create a human. Also Just because your a c-section doesnt mean anything because you needed to developed in a vagina. Everyone of you were born with many different things about you. Calling each other ugly or lower than the other because of something you had no control of is not going to solve anything. Instead its just fueling each others hatred. We honestly don’t need that in this world. What you see as ugly or differnt could be differnt from someone else, just keep it to yourself unless its acually doing harm to else or you. If tha

  58. You guys are acting like idiots. Both the penis and vagina are needed to create a human. Also Just because your a c-section doesnt mean anything because you needed to developed in a vagina. Everyone of you were born with many different things about you. Calling each other ugly or lower than the other because of something you had no control of is not going to solve anything. Instead its just fueling each others hatred. We honestly don’t need that in this world. What you see as ugly or differnt could be differnt from someone else, just keep it to yourself unless its acually doing harm to someone else or you. If thats the case than bring up the point how its harmful and if they dont wanna listen and continue, just ignore or report. Simple. No one comments back then they have no reason to contine and the page will get less views because it has less coments and wont be in top page.

    1. gay men smell like bleach and shit .I’m not kidding my uncle worked for the NYC public health and said it was so disgusting. LUCKILY most gay men don’t go there.

  59. OMG, all those stinky, smelly cunts that are in this world. I am gay but I have been married to a woman and so I know what cunt smells and tastes like and it’s so disgusting. I recall one time when I was fucking my wife and she was having her period and my cock came out all covered with lumpy bits of blood, I just wanted to gag! Even the thought of a vagina makes me shudder, they are so disgusting! Even after washing they still stink like fuck, it’s like slurping away on a bit of old mullet!

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