NYC Pride Parade Photorgasm!

Like every other gay person on the planet (or so it seemed — ugh! crowds!), I attended the NYC Pride Parade on Sunday.  And guess what?  I brought my camera!  Here’s a whole bunch of photos…

(gay stormtrooper)

Old gay people on motorcycles!

Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, and Sandra Lee.

(In case you’ve forgotten … that Sandra Lee.)

Dan Savage & Terry Miller

Dan Savage

He thinks that he’s bringing back “raise the roof!”  What do you think?

Rickie Vasquez Wilson Cruz travels in a horse-drawn carriage!

A gay pride … of lions.  Get it?


NY Senator Chuck Schumer

Meh, Obama.

Yuck!  Topless girls!


And finally … it’s Zac Young from Top Chef: Just Desserts!

Too bad that I didn’t get a photo of the front of his head.

There’s one more photo that you’re going to love … but you can’t see it until Saturday.

Happy Pride Everybody!


16 thoughts on “NYC Pride Parade Photorgasm!”

  1. I have a pic of the front of that storm tropper on my blog today. 🙂 Very cute.

    Do you think Sandra actually cooks for him, or does he have a professional chef? I hope for his sake he does.

    If those lions walked the whole parade in those heels, I bow down to their greatness.

    Seems a good time was had by all, even with the crowds.

  2. Looks like a fun parade. Wilson Cruz looks like he found an anti-aging serum. I wonder if Sandra had a few cocktails before showing up? Those boobies look real. How refreshing.

    Mr. Sombrero is totally showing us how it’s done. Holla!

  3. Oh my GOD, Wilson Cruz!!! I squeed right here in my office! And those bodies….wow…

    Although they keep you guys back aways from the parade dont they? In DC, we get so close you can touch them….until cute Officer Brady comes along and makes us get back to the curb! 🙂

    Looks like a lot of fun!


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