Spring’s Piss Puddle Game!

Every time I take a piss, Adam runs to my litter box and snaps a photo.  It’s quite disgusting.  I’m fairly certain that there’s something wrong with him.  But hey, it makes for a fun Saturday game.  So I’m offering you this photo of one of my latest litter box piss puddle, so you can tell me what it looks like in the comments.  And you better come up with some good answers … or I’ll personally tear you open from end to end with my razor-sharp talons.


12 thoughts on “Spring’s Piss Puddle Game!”

  1. I think Spring needs to make more interesting piss puddles. Or perhaps Adam should piss in the litter in interesting designs and claims its Spring.


  2. Oh, since I didn’t post a guess above, I think it looks like a discarded, used condom.

    Although that probably says more about me than it does the piss puddle.


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