Butter Side Up

Hi everyone! Welcome to Michelle M. Mondays, where I will attempt to entertain you every week until I get bored or find something better to do with my time.

Civil rights, the economy, immigration, the right to choose, the war overseas, global warming – all are important, yet divisive issues that face us today. I feel a responsibility to use my very first post to take a stand and answer the burning questions that are tearing our nation, nay, our very world apart.

Betty vs. Veronica

Betty Cooper: The classic girl next door. She is sweet, smart, kind and thoughtful. She is in love with Archie Andrews who has put her in the “friend zone.”

Veronica Lodge: Riverdale’s rich bitch. She is vain and devious, but will occasionally show her sensitive side. She is fickle and her love for Archie is on again – off again.

First of all, what is so great about Archie that he has these two fighting over him? Yes, he has lovely red hair, but other than that? Move on girls, there are other fish in the sea. Anyway, while Veronica and her millions would be fun to hang out with, Betty would be the one I could depend on.

Connery vs. Moore
Sean Connery: The first Bond and also the most intense. He has starred as James Bond seven times.

Roger Moore: Roger was the longest running James Bond. His Bond was suave, yet humorous.

I love the funny. And Roger Moore was the first Bond I saw and as such, is the ONLY 007 for me. Nobody does it better.

Angelina vs. Jennifer

Angelina Jolie: Considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has won an Academy Award and her movies rake in the bucks. She has a million children and travels the world focusing attention on humanitarian causes. She also steals husbands.

Jennifer Aniston: Another “girl next door”. Cute, with a smokin’ body, she has won various awards, made several hit films and starred in one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. She has a dog and supports several charities.

Friends was one of my favorite shows. Jennifer seems charming and down to earth and would probably never steal my husband (if she knows what’s good for her).

Jacob vs. Edward

Jacob Black is a werewolf in the popular Twilight series. He is in love with Bella Swan and is often shirtless.

Edward Cullen is a one hundred and ten year old vampire who is also in love with Bella. He sparkles.

Spike from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series – the thinking woman’s vampire. He’s a sarcastic, reformed bad boy (but not too reformed) who stole almost every scene he was in.

The Brady Bunch vs. The Partridge Family

The Brady Bunch: A fellow, his lovely lady and their six children taught us important lessons and entertained us on a sitcom for six years. Variety shows, cartoons, albums, specials, movies and spin-offs later followed.

The Partridge Family: A single mother and her five kids sing songs. There is also a manager who hangs around and spars with the ginger kid.

This was no contest. Six is better than five (seven if you count cousin Oliver), and Alice is funnier than Reuben. Plus the Bradys didn’t have to ride around in that stupid, ugly bus. Marcia’s nose, Jan’s glasses, Peter the Sunflower Girl, Johnny Bravo – all memorable episodes of the Brady Bunch. I can’t remember a single plot of any of the Partridge Family shows.

Jeannie vs. Samantha

Jeannie gets to wear a cute belly baring harem outfit and hang out in a pretty little bottle. With a blink of her eyes she can grant your every wish.

Samantha can fly on a broom, has kooky relatives and often saves the day. With the twitch of her nose she can conjure up your every wish.

Neither Jeannie nor Samantha are “allowed” to use their magic freely. They must obey their master/husband. Screw that. I’m going with Serena who is living large and does as she pleases.


Darrin #1 or Darrin #2: Darrin #2 – I prefer a kinder, gentler Dick
Gladys #1 or Gladys #2: Gladys #1 – her “nosy” was more befuddled and not as screechy/malicious as Agnes #2

Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard

Captain James T. Kirk: The original captain of the USS Enterprise. He is a strong leader and a bit of a ladies man. He speech has a unique cadence.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). He is cerebral, bald (aka: sexy) and drinks tea. He speaks with a lovely British accent.

This was a tough one. While I love me some Picard, Captain Kirk has a swagger that won’t be denied. I would definitely want him by my side in a conflict. After all, he bested Craig, and that’s no mean feat.

Ginger vs. Mary Ann

Ginger Grant: The glamorous movie star stranded on Gilligan’s Island. She likes to wear evening gowns and high heels on the beach.

Mary Ann Summers: Yet another girl next door. She sports ponytails and makes a mean coconut cream pie.

While I would love to be famous and rich and wear sparkly dresses, something about Mary Ann’s mugshot speaks to me…

Superman vs. Batman

Superman: Is an alien from another planet. Can fly, is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. He also has X-ray vision, super breath and other powers. His alter ego is mild mannered Clark Kent.

Batman: Is billionaire Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. He has emotional baggage, a batmobile, a utility belt and hangs out with his butler and his ward Robin.

Of course, Wonder Woman is the bestest superhero ever – but in the battle of Superman vs. Batman, I have to go with…

In a naked hand to hand fight, there’s no contest. Superman is superhuman, Batman is just a moody guy with some wonderful toys. Plus, I LOVE Christopher Reeve.

So am I right or am I right? Let me know in the comments!


24 thoughts on “Butter Side Up”

  1. Sir Roger was also far more orange in his Bond movies, though David & I find that adds to the comedic value. Daniel Craig, though, is the only Bond who has shown us a fine, firm ass.

      1. Let’s not get crazy…even for the number of times I voted for Kirk over Craig….someone else had to vote for Kirk too…cuz I didn’t cast ALL of the votes for Kirk

      1. Oh, Kirk vs. Craig! I thought we were talking about Kirk vs. Picard! You know, something *important.*

  2. Yay for MMM.

    I agree with most of your choices EXCEPT Jennifer Aniston. She annoys me so badly and needs to get over the “you stole my man” thing. You couldn’t keep him honey. And she can’t act her way out of a paper bag unless she’s playing Rachel. She is Rachel.

    So what the hell was Mary Anne arrested for?

    1. I really dislike Jennifer Aniston…and I can’t really put my finger on it. I like her on Friends, but she just seems pathologically nice.

  3. Finally a 3M post! Like Tam I agree with all of Michelle’s choices except the Jennifer Aniston one. Generally I loathe people that sleep with other people’s supposedly monogamous spouses….but jennifer just is sooo “blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

  4. I used to watch the Partridge Family far more than the Brady Bunch; I vaguely remember one episode about Danny getting his tonsils out.

    OK, after scanning the episode summaries on Wikipedia, I decided I need to find Season 1 on dvd, just for this one episode:

    Due to a booking mix-up, Detroit club owners expecting the Temptations get the Partridge Family instead. Can they find an audience in Motown?

    Guest Stars: Richard Pryor and Louis Gossett Jr.

    1. That sounds fantastic. We used to watch the Partridge Family while eating breakfast right before school. And I definitely don’t remember that one. It sounds like comedy gold.

  5. YAY!! MMM!!!! (which could stand for Michelle M. Mondays OR simply mmmmmmm…… 🙂 )

    1) Betty.
    2) Connery. Sorry, but Goldfinger is the best Bond flick ever, and since it’s got Connery, he wins.
    3) I dont care about either one of them.
    4) Jacob, either with OR without the long hair. As long as he’s shirtless.
    5) Brady Bunch, for all the reasons you mentioned.
    6) Samantha. Was there a more gay friendly show than Bewitched?
    7) I think the first of both were the best.
    8) Picard.
    9) Ginger, because I too always wanted to be rich and famous and wear sparkly dresses.
    10) I’m not sure I even need to comment on this one. 🙂


    1. I sent in in as “Buffy the Vampire series”. I forgot to put Slayer in. I was drinking when I typed it up, so there is that… I have no idea how it got changed to Hunter. I’m going to blame Adam. As a matter of fact, any future misspellings or errors will be blamed on Adam.

      1. Oops. Well I knew that “Buffy the Vampire series” was wrong … so I edited it to something wrong-er. I’ll fix it now, so any future readers will have no idea what we’re talking about.

  6. Craig: It is about time! I thought I was the only one who noticed that. With that out of the way:
    1. Veronica. I’ve never been into blonds and Veronica is rich.
    2. Connery and Craig.
    3. I don’t find Angelina to be even remotely attractive, but she is a better actress. Aniston has her moments, but strikes me as a little flat in personality.
    4. I’m with you on Spike.
    5. Brady Bunch. I could never stand Danny and I thought it was suspect that they changed Chris like 12 times.
    6. Sereena/Samantha she was one of my first crushes.
    7. One and One.
    8. Picard.
    9. Mary Anne. That Girl knew how to fill out a gingham dress.
    10. Gotta go with the detective.

    1. It’s Adam’s fault.

      I watched The Tourist the other night. They went to extremes to hide Angie’s skeletor arms. Long sleeves or elbow length gloves in every scene. Girlfriend needs to start eating.


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