Back to the Five

I’m back and that means it is time for the Friday Five. During my brief respite from Cocky & Rude, I learned a lot of things about myself. One of which is that I missed blogging. Another thing I learned is that I need to blog less….so that leaves us with today’s post, which is going to be an awesome recap of five awesome recappable things that happened this week.

The very first item to celebrate this week is this super awesome dog who survived a tornado, ended up with two broken legs, and CRAWLED home to find his owners. When I first heard this story, I sort of hoped the owners were not able to take the dog so I could adopt it, but I’m happy for the whole family.

Speaking of surviving, how awesome is it that we all made it through the rapture? I was getting a little worried on that fateful day as the skies turned dark and tumultuous, but then it turned out that we weren’t going to be joining Jesus in the afterlife. That might have something to do with the fact that there is no afterlife.

Despite being a homo, I think the non-existent God is happy to have me on the earth. Some straight guys don’t want me here though. Some are even so scared of being perceived as gay that they say “no homo” whenever they say anything that could possibly be gay. Some guys decided to explore this concept in their video simply titled: No Homo. It has some NSFW words, but the images are pretty tame.

Now that we have gotten the gay out of the way, we should talk about babies. If you didn’t realize, I have a new niece. Her name is Kennedy (no relation to the MTV VJ) and she is adorable. I always forget how small babies are when they are born, but I always remember that MY nieces are the cutest.

Great…the babies are out of the way. Now we can get back to the gays. The gays are known for doing some really awesome things. Amongst them is the butt sex. That is why Sherry Vine did this parody of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” called “Coz My Hole’s so Deep.” I like to think it is inspired by Adam. It is also NSFW in sound not image.

So there is the recap of the super recappable: super dog, surviving the rapture, no homo, new niece, and “Coz My Hole’s so Deep.” As always we had some runners-up this week: Amy Poehler’s Harvard Speech, Doctor Who being awesome, Ty being on Jeopardy! next week, and hardcore gay porn.


5 thoughts on “Back to the Five”

  1. Awww. Puppies and babies. You only needed a kitten video to round out the trifecta of cute. The rapture was such a let down, reminded me of Y2K. That last video was hilarious. Donkey in a well. Too funny.

  2. Hey, are you trying to tell me that bunnies aren’t part of the trifecta?!?

    That was some great rhyming in no homo.

  3. I’m just happy I wasn’t stuck on earth all by myself.

    Your niece is so tiny and cute. Congratulations again!

    Harry and I love Jeopardy. I can’t wait to see Ty!

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