Hipsters Beware

I have a new hero. She is some British woman on youtube is her name and her game is writing and singing songs that combine social observation with biting sarcasm and wit. In the NSFW video that led me to discover her, she attacks the most reviled creature in all of humanity: hipsters. I cut my adolescent teeth on the angsty, angry lesbian music of the 90s. Before Alanis Morrissette sang about giving head in theaters there were a lot of women like Ani DiFranco who weren’t afraid to get their point across with a cuss word here or there (or everwhere). This brit-chick took me back to a simpler time. Before the poptart invasion of the late 90s destroyed the airwaves. I particularly like the lyric she uses at the 1:30 point.

Now that you have heard that little diddy, I think we should ponder the anatomical possibility of what our singer suggested. I too wish that the jackwads who flash around their iPads would put them where the sun doesn’t shine (mainly because I’m jealous and I want one), but how would one get an iPad up one’s arse? I don’t quite know. It seems a bit broad and it might require a lot of lube that could damage the technology. I suggest that interested parties start with one of the corners and gradually try putting more and more of the iPad inside of yourself. There has got to be an app for that.


4 thoughts on “Hipsters Beware”

  1. I’m jealous too. I think. I don’t know. I have no clue if I’d really like it or I just think I’d like one. Oh well.

  2. My mom has an iPad. I don’t see the appeal. I’ll stick with my lap top thank you. Can’t watch the song yet, will do so when I get home.

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