C&R Fight Club: Kirk Wins Round 2!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the proprietor of your second favorite blog, Puntabulous, has been defeated.  Craig fought long and hard, but in the end, there could be only only one.  Leading with only 6 votes, Kirk came out ahead — beating Craig with 52% of the vote.  Perhaps Craig (who scored 48% of the vote) needs to start training with the C-Team again?  Congratulations, Captain Kirk!!


16 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club: Kirk Wins Round 2!”

  1. Im stunned that your poll got damn near 200 votes! My color poll have yet to reach 20 votes. Course, you guys DO allow multiple votes on these, so that’ll make me feel better.

    And Craiggers only lost cause he wasn’t allowed to unleash the Puntabuschlong!

    Course, if Craiggers was a Republican, he could demand a recount and then have a former campaign worker of his mysteriously find a bunch of votes for him. Or he could just let the Supreme Court appoint him the winner.


  2. NO WAY! How could there be ANY votes against Craig (besides, Adam* that is)? What kind of dancing monkeys are you?! SHAME!

    *I suspect Adam saw that I voted a million times for Craig and then he voted for Kirk a million and one times.

  3. @Polt — stop mistyping your email address! (Though I do giggle every time we get a comment from “poltgut” instead of “poltguy”)

  4. Hmm, so THAT’S why I got the weird icon. Hmmm, well, I dont know, Adam, don’t mock the Poltguy until you’ve seen it. It MAY rival the Puntabuschlong….but not in a good way.


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