Get Viral

In lieu of the weekly celebration of five things that are awesome in the world, I have decided to get lazy and go viral. No, I’m not going to post videos of myself doing a mash-up of Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga (although I’m sure that would be a hit). I’m going to recap three videos I found this week that I absolutely adored.
Coincidentally they all feature kids. Kids are usually adorable, but not always. These kids just stole my heart right away.

Remember that big football game that happened in February? The one that everyone fast forwards through to get to the commercials? Well one of the biggest commercials that aired then featured a miniature Darth Vader trying to use the force on various things around his house. It was super cute and an immediate hit. Thor is even better.

Legally Blonde
I’ve never seen Legally Blond The Musical, because let’s face facts and accept that the movie was enough. There was no need for a terrible sequel or a lackluster musical. Yet if that lackluster musical had not happened, I would not have found this incredible video of an 11 year old boy singing his ass off to one of that shows numbers. This kid has stardom written all over him. Not sure? Check the sass out at the 2:08 mark, cuz girlfriend is gonna pwn the stage.

Born This Way
I do not like the new Lady Gaga music. I was only absentmindedly interested in her old stuff. I’m not looking forward to the new cover on Glee, but when I saw this video of a Cali kid doing his self-choreographed dance number in an Apple Store I actually listened to the whole thing through. It is very heartwarming to see young boys delighting in music and dance the way I did as a child, but without the stern disapproving stare of gender normativity that was my parents. They and I are just born this way.

Three Vids, Three Kids. No muss, No fuss. Got your own viral video to contribute? Please make it SFW…I’m looking at you, Polt!


9 thoughts on “Get Viral”

  1. The Thor one WAS much better than Vader. The Middle one….I’d rather just wait for the kid to get older and famous and then marvel at his abilities. That last kid has got some serious balls, doing that in a public store. His dad much own the store, cause none of the employees are telling him to stop. But kudos to him nonetheless.


  2. Thor was cute. I have seen Legally Blonde the musical. It’s cute and that kid was pretty good.

    It was funny how no one in the store seemed to notice the kid. The odd person looked at him but most people were just wandering around doing their thing and not paying him any attention. It sounded like that was not his first Apple Store Dance.

  3. The Thor video was fun. I want my own Mjolnir. I’m with Polt on the second kid. Kid’s got talent, but he needs to be a little older and perfect his singing.

    Kid number three has got some GIGANTIC balls! I can’t believe he did that in the store, but as Tam said, I love now barely anyone looked at him. Craig, do you think Miss J. is going to be all over him about his runway walk?

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