Covering My Flaws

I always have a favorite pair of jeans that I wear more frequently than the others. The more I wear them the more comfortable they get. Sadly the more comfortable they get, the more likely they are to get holes in them. I can never find jeans with the right pant length, they are either too long or too short. If I get them too short, I look like Urkel; too long and they get ripped and frayed at the bottom. Yet the normal wear and tear of my favorite clothes is something I have come to accept and love, but for the butt of them. The butt of my jeans always develops tears and there is little I can do to prevent it from happening. While I’m all for ease of access, I’m also quite fond of being decent in public.

I am therefore very lucky that the Japanese have developed a new product, which I like to call Boxer Jorts. Boxer Jorts are. Just imagine how worn my jeans can get before anyone realizes what they are seeing is my underoos instead of my jeans??? Isn’t it exciting? I might never need to buy jeans again! So the next time you see me and I’m wearing jeans, please don’t stare to closely at my bottom. I just might think you are interested in more than just my clothes.


8 thoughts on “Covering My Flaws”

  1. I saw those on Friday. I loved ripped jeans. But very sneaky way of hiding the embarrassing rippage. They remind me of pajama jeans. Because NO ONE would ever think they aren’t real designer jeans.

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