Tonight Tonight reminds me of something…

When I’m carting my friends and family all over NJ and NY, there are very few Sirius stations that I’m willing to listen to.  One of my favorites is Hits 1, which claims to play Top 40 Hits, but really only plays the top 10 or 12 pop hits of the moment over and over again.  If you listen for more than an hour, you’re likely to hear the same song at least 3 times.

This past Thursday, I drove to Long Island and back with my mom and forced her to listen to 300 miles (about 5.5 hours) worth of Sirius Hits 1 and a Jay Z song was on, and a Jay Z song was on, and a Jay Z song was on.  Most of the tunes functioned as background noise, but Hot Chelle Rae‘s Tonight Tonight kept catching my attention.

Check it out, and I apologize in advance because YouTube is a douche and won’t let me embed the video without redirecting you to their site.  I apologize again because they might even make you watch an advertisement first.  (dies)

And after my 3rd or 4th listen to the song, I realized what it kept reminding me of.  It sounds like a freak’n Disney Afternoon theme song!  As a kid in the early to mid ’90s, there was only one thing on your television set every weekday from 3:00 to 5:00pm.  The Disney Afternoon was the shit!  It seriously doesn’t get any better than DuckTales, Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, TaleSpin, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck.

Tonight Tonight is so happy and poppy that it sounds like a cross between the theme to TaleSpin and actual Disney Afternoon theme song. Do you sorta hear it too, or am I just fuck’n crazy?


8 thoughts on “Tonight Tonight reminds me of something…”

  1. I can see the resemblance. It is a catchy little tune though. I think I would have like gone bonkers if you made me listen to the same 12 songs for 5.5 hours. Ack! Kill, kill, kill.

  2. I see it, too. I thought it was the advertisement preceding the song, until I heard him singing the “tonight” part.

    I don’t get the whole Disney afternoon thing. I was too old when that was going on. My AARP ass prefers the seventies cartoons anyway. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to my debate with Craig on seventies vs. eighties kids programming…

  3. Unlike Michelle and Tam, I don’t have synesthesia,but I can hear the similarity of the songs.

    Like Michelle, however, I also don’t get the whole Disney afternoon thing. I guess I need to get my AARP card as well.

  4. My mom and I both think the “la, La, LA… LA la La” part of the song reminds us of something from further back, but neither of us can put our fingers on what song… any help?

    1. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN! I was wondering if ANYONE else … ANYONE AT ALL… was having this same predicament…! I mean… I know for a fact that that middle part there goes to an older song because I used to hum it when I was little and even through my childhood into Tonight Tonight’s release. When I tried to convince my friend that it’s from an older song she was all like… “yeah, right! you probably just hat this song”… until… I got her dad to listen to Tonight Tonight and he said the same thing as me… “I can’t think of which one, but that comes from an older song.” GRRRRR… it STILL bothers me that I can’t remember… oy vey…

  5. Operas, look for her theme song in the 80’s on youtube. My understanding is that Oprah’s show and ducktails were on at the same time. Hopefully this helps some memories.

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