Wayo…Let Me Hear You Say?

Let me take you on a magical journey to the mid-90s, 1995 to be exact. I was still in high school and Bill Clinton was still presiding over the largest economic expansion in US history by allowing our government to actually exist (well kinda). Jenny Jones was still on the air and cruising into controversy. Tejano superstar Selena was murdered by her own biggest fan and therefore inspiring Jennifer Lopez to spread her wings and sing really crappy music. Timothy McVeigh showed that white people could be killed by other white people and the media will still accuse Muslim terrorists of the crime without any information. And OJ Simpson was found not guilty of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman despite all of the evidence that showed that he did it. It was also the year that the Outhere Brothers had their biggest hit of all time.

You don’t remember the Outhere Brothers? I don’t even think I knew their names back in the 90s, but I certainly remember their music. Supposedly they were a hip-hop duo from Chicago, yet upon review I’m sure they were not. They don’t really rap and my white-ass white self has more flow than them. They are a prime example of the music of the nineties post Seattle grunge and pre-bubble gum super-pop of the Backstreet Boys. It mixes brain deadening repetition with inane nonsensical lyrics. It is no wonder that Scandinavians are still in love with it. Take Cathy for example. She rocked this song. Her enthusiasm is infectious, hilarious, and entertaining. Reportedly Cathy took her own video down because some jackwads harassed her, but I am grateful that Cathy made it possible for me take this little trip down memory lane to a better time.


7 thoughts on “Wayo…Let Me Hear You Say?”

  1. I had to stop it at the 15 second mark. Poor little moppet, she should have stopped while she was ahead, like at the arm scratching moment.

  2. I gave up about the time Tam did. But I WELL remember this song. In 1995 I was going to the new local gay bar every stinking Saturday night and staying until closing. Im certain I drunkenly danced to this song more than once. Ahhh, memories….


  3. I have never heard that song and I think I would have preferred to go to my grave having not heard that version, but what can you do? I did have to watch until the end to see what was so crotchtastic. It wasn’t that crotchtastic.

  4. Silly John. I just fast forwarded to the crotch shot. Those at the Puntabupoolparty that my kid took were more interesting than those.

  5. “tastic” was the wrong way to put it. And the kid’s shots were more interesting. I was surprised that Miss Wayoh didn’t edit out that last image, though. She seems like such a nerdy little innocent.

    I second Craig.

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