Cars, Cars, Cars!

I spent a lot of time in my car this weekend as I carted my friends and family all over the the tri-state area.  All my time behind the wheel got me to thinking about all the cars I’ve owned over the years.  I’ve been driving since I was legally old enough, and my adventures behind the wheel have been  numerous!  I’ve had seven cars, and I’m only 30!  check it out…

Dodge Aries K
Everyone loved the K-Cars of the ’80s, and I was no exception.  My first car was a hand-me-down that stunk like my older brother’s cigarette smoke.  My father spent weeks getting the car ready for me, and once he was done, it only took me about three weeks to crash it.  Hey, I was a new driver and my time/distance judgment hadn’t developed yet.  And I may have pulled out in front of an old lady, but I still hold her at least 50% responsible, since she had plenty of time to break.  But instead, she plowed right into the driver’s side of the car and totaled it.

Dodge Omni
Burgundy cars proved a bad idea for Adam.  My second car was a cute little hatchback that I bought for $100.  The former owner had died and his son wanted it out of his driveway.  It needed a little work (get to work, dad!) and on the two occasions that I had to drive it, it stalled constantly.  Then my father was installing a new CD player, and due to “frayed wires under the dash” the car caught fire and had to be towed away.

Ford Tempo
The Tempo was a good, reliable, yet ugly car that got me back and forth to most of my four years of college.  I never really liked this car… but it did its job.

Ford Taurus
Who wouldn’t want to drive this powder blue love machine?  ME!  This was another hand-me-down from my older brother.  The plan was that I would take this newer Taurus and my younger brother would take my old Tempo.  But the first time I drove the Taurus was one day before I was scheduled to have surgery and I found myself broken down and stranded for HOURS after a coolant hose sprung a leak.  I wanted my Tempo back!

Ford Tempo, Part 2
I never realized how much I LOVED this car!  The reliability!  The gray/ugly style!  The lack of breaking down and stranding me in a parking lot!  I treasured my Tempo until the day that I rear-ended some lady when I wasn’t paying attention.  Oops!

Honda Accord
I always loved my Honda Accord.  It was green, style’n, peppy, fun and the radio had a lot of bass.  But after a few years of wear and tear, it started to slowly die.  First to go?  The driver’s side power window.  I was the guy at the toll booth that had to stop and open his door.  The it needed expensive repairs.  I ended up selling it (I think I got like $500 for it) and buying my mom’s car…

Ford Taurus
This car was the anti-Adam.  It was a gas guzzler and the inside was covered in leather.  Yuck!  I hated this car — but at least it was powerful and had working windows.  But once I got a real job and saved some money, it was time to trade in this awful car for…

Honda Fit
My first brand new car!  It’s red, it gets good gas mileage and it’s zippy!  Plus the horn is nice and loud when I road rage against every car that gets in my way.  I love that I can stuff nearly everything I own in the back (as long as I take lots of trips).  I hope it lasts forever (because that’s how long I’ll be paying for it)!

So I’ve had seven cars… how many have you had?  Any good car accident stories?  What’s the favorite car that you’ve owned?  Let’s pretend we’re all motor-heads and car-talk it up in the comments.  Honk!  Honk!


18 thoughts on “Cars, Cars, Cars!”

  1. Despite my advanced age (ahem) I have only owned two cars. I didn’t buy MY first car until after my ex left and it was a red Ford Escort. It was 2 years old when I bought it and it served me well for about 8 years and then suddenly needed $3K in work. Yeah, no. So I bought my first brand new car, a red Kia Rio. There have been a couple of issues this winter but it’s still under warranty so I’m hoping that is DONE. Can’t beat the gas mileage though and it’s taken us down to North Carolina and back and then last summers circle through New England to Philly and home.

    I’ve never been the cause of an accident. Been rear-ended twice (once in each car) while stopped in a long line of cars at a red light. Grrrrrr. See the cars not moving people? That means you have to stop.

  2. 1973 Plymouth Duster – Hand-me -down from my parents, had so much body rot that when I hit a bump parts of the car fell off.
    1969 Volkwagon Beatle Converatble – bought it, foud out how much work it needed and then sold it, for a profit.
    1976 Chevy Monty Carlo – was referded to as the Beastiemobile due to the fact that it usually had Licensed to Ill blasting from it’s stereo.
    1981 Ford Mustang – Red with T-Tops – still one of my favorite cars, even though floor rot caused the seat to lean far back.
    1987 Ford Bronco II – Good point: 4-wheeling on the beach. Bad Point: used to help every frined move their crap.
    1989 Ford EXP – Engine blew 6 month after I bought it.
    1990 Mercury – Topaz – Same as Adam’s Tempo.
    1989 Ford Mustang – This was the 4 cylinder model, nice but had no pep.
    1997 Hyundai Elantra – A Tuna Can dwarfed by giant SUV’s
    2005 Ford Taurus – Good car, no problems, all I did was change the oil and tires.
    2010 Ford Fusion Sport – Purchased 2 days ago so I still have “New Car Love”

    I have had 2.5 accidents – First was the first Mustang – Guy pulled out in front of me. Second was the second Mustang, I rear ended a Cadillac when I spilled soda on myself when driving, Half accident, the Hyundai Elantra was hit while parked in front of my house by my drunk next door neighbor, he paid for the repair and the rental car for the week and I didn’t send him to jail, and possibly back to his own country.

  3. @Paul — You may be cursed with Mustangs like I’m cursed with Burgundy cars? I’m shocked that there’s a person that has had more cars than me!

    I’ve been in 6 accidents (4 while I was driving). Totaled the K-Car and the Tempo, skidded on ice and bumped (very minor damage) a Mercedes in my Fit, and then six months later I hit a deer and had to have the whole front end body replaced on Fit. Was a passenger when my grandfather was rear-ended by an impatient driver on an on ramp, and was in the car when my mom decided to make a left turn from the right lane of a 2-lane, one-way road. Oops!

  4. You know I forgot the second Mustang was in a second accident, I was in a parking lot and pulled up behind a Jeep when he threw the car in reverse and backed into me.
    That Mustang was always an issue, the car was in the shop for a month after the first accident because they had to pain it three times! First time they painted it the wrong color, second time they over sprayed the door and it had dripped and globed paint, finally the third time they got it right. Then when I moved from Florida to NY the water pump blew in 100 degree weather 5:00 on a Friday afternoon and had to stay in a hotel in Virginia until Monday when the car could get fixed.

  5. I only really “owned” one car. It was my parent’s 1980 something LeBaron Convertible, the very same car featured on the first two seasons of Veronica Mars! The convertible top had holes in the corners and if you tried to open it, the roof would tear apart. I was never in an accident perse, but I did manage to mangle the car by pulling into a gas station without enough room on my right side. I proceeded to crush the side in. It was so sad because I loved that car.

    As a city boy…I don’t own a car…and if I do drive one it is my either a rental or one belonging to members of my family. Yay!

    Umm…what are your insurance rates like Adam? You must spend 50% of your income on em…

  6. I’ve only owned two cars. My first was a 1993 black Nissan Maxima which I got after college in 2003, and the second was my current 2003 silver Nissan Altima which I got in 2006. Both have been really nice and reliable (knock on wood) so I think I’m gonna stick with Nissan whenever I get a new car. Though my dream car is a Cadillac of some sort, which I’ll get when I become rich and famous.

  7. @Mikey My insurance isn’t too bad because most of my accidents were years and years ago. The two recent incidents with my Fit caused my insurance to go up, but only about $100/yr if I remember correctly. I think I pay somewhere around $1100/yr to Liberty Mutual (which isn’t too bad in NJ).

  8. 1983 Pontiac 6000, grey – traded in
    1989 Chevy Camaro, blue – traded in
    1991 Chevy Blazer, blue – traded with mom for Jetta
    1995 Volkswagen Jetta – Sold to daughter of friend of my moms
    2001 Chrysler Concorde, white (Miss Cleo) – Died
    2009 Nissan Versa, gold (Sebastian) – Still going!

    I’ve been in, I think 6 accidents while driving. Not all of them my fault. I’ll have to think over these in more detail later.


  9. @Polt — I love the car names. All of old cars that I liked were named “The Adamobile,” the powder blue Taurus was called “The Love Machine,” and the Fit is nameless. Or maybe its name is “Fit” … dunno.

  10. I’ve owned one, and there was a car that my parents let me use during part of high school and college. The high school/college car was a green Toyota Camry with an automatic transmission that my parents bought partly to make it easier for me to pass my driver’s test. I bought my black Honda Accord after moving to San Diego for grad school.

  11. @adam, I had the others names as well, but they weren’t consistently used, nor did anyone but me and maybe one other person know the names. The Pontiac was “Old Grey”, the Camaro was “Slick”, the Blazer was “Hank”, the Jetta was “Helga”. But the only ones that I ever really names were Miss Cleo and Sebastian.

    And $1100/yr isn’t bad? Good GOD, man, I’m never bitching about my twice a year $350 payment ever again!


  12. @Polt – I think $1000/yr in NJ is pretty standard for decent coverage. My brother’s paying bazillions more on Long Island (though he’s driving a brand new Dodge Challenger).

  13. I’ve owned four cars:
    Chevy Sprint: a 3 cylinder. Amazing on gas, but tiny, tiny car. When it ran out of gas, I threw it out. It was the last two door car I ever owned.
    Ford Escort: Good car, very reliable.
    Dodge Stratus: Took a chance. Didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it either. It lost that new car feeling/smell very quickly. It was also the last dark color car I will ever own.
    Honda Accord: My current car and I LOVE it!

  14. My first car was a brown Pinto*. I didn’t know about their reputation. I was so excited that I bought it by myself. When I drove it to work all the guys laughed at me. Just like my crazy mother said they would. So I used my telekinesis to lock the doors and kill them all.

    My second car was a used black Tercel. I loved that car. On the day I mailed in my last payment it broke down. The mechanics told me it would be cheaper to buy a new car than to fix it. I’m still bitter about the whole thing.

    My third car was a green Tercel (because I never learn). When we moved to Colorado we traded it in for Harry’s Subaru (station wagon – yuck) and then I drove his Accord. When we moved back to Cali we sold the Accord. I was going to get a car, but for some reason, Harry decided to buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse (used). Buyer’s remorse has set in and now he wants to keep the Subaru. So to make a long story short, I am stuck driving a yucky station wagon for the time being.

    *And it was a great little car, too. Until the brakes completely went out on me. While I was driving.

    I have never been in a car accident (knock wood).

  15. I have had 27 cars and I am 44
    the 4 I have now are
    1997 bmw z3 this is my baby I will keep this forever
    2006 mercedes that will replace this with a new audi this summer
    2009 smart car good for going to the city and when gas is $4 a gallon
    2010 dodge 4×4 pickup need so I can get out of my driveway in the snow plus I feel manly driving it but 14 mpg sucks

    my best was a land rover that thing went every where

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