Daylight Savings Whine

Grumble Grumble! It is time to change our clocks. I hate changing my clocks. I hate losing an hour. I hate that my mom thinks she still needs to remind me that I have to change my clock each year. I hate that I don’t just respond with “but my cellphone tells me the correct time anyway.” Does anyone like this time change thing? I mean other than the Doctor who is always more comfortable when time is in flux. NOOOOO! Sure in the fall when you gain an hour everyone is delighted for that extra hour of sleep on Sunday, but is it really worth it when that hour is ripped out of our souls just months later? I know that some old white dudes thought this thing up to make mankind more efficient or provide more daylight hours or something, but they are old and dead. Do we really still need to do what they want? I think not. So this Daylight Savings I dare you to do one of two things.

Option 1: Don’t change your clock at all
Sure you might be late to meetings or you might miss your flight, but you will have the satisfaction of your dominion over time and you will have an extra hour to sleep off whatever naughtiness you get up to this debauched Saturday night. You could have one more drink and worry less about the consequences. Also, changing the clock is work and work is boring.

Option 2: Pick a random time and change your clock to that.
How much fun would this be???? You schedule all your meetings and then you get to yell at everyone when they are late or don’t show up! You would truly be the time lord because whenever anyone said it was 1 o’clock you can counter with “no it’s Cat Hour, dude.” Plus…you won’t ever have to deal with any of that time change crap ever again.

I will now state that if you choose to follow my advice I take on no liability. If you are late and get in trouble, it is on you. I’m just some crazy guy you read online, why are you listening to me anyway?


7 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Whine”

  1. You need to move to Saskatchewan. Rebels that they are out there in Western Canada, they never change their clocks. They refuse to bow to the pressure. To be honest it really doesn’t bother me. So I get up at 11:00 Sunday instead of 10:00. *shrug*

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