And the Cocky & Rude Prizes go to…

The ballots were processed by Hartwyk, Waterhorse & Pooper and kept strictly confidential until the ceremony. Well except for when I printed them all out and left them on my desk at the office for a few days, but I assure you they were not altered. We had twelve readers, bloggers, and commenters participate in the balloting and I know you are all dying to find out how you all did!

Mr Sombrero 8 out of 24

Polt & Tam 10 out of 24

Josh & Kristen 11 out of 24

Craig & VUBOQ 12 out of 24

Michelle 13 out of 24

FDot & Adam 14 out of 24
* I accidentally indicated that Adam only got 13 correct in an earlier version of this post. I have updated the post to indicate that he did as well as FDot, but not as well as me. I still rule.

Mikey & Brian 16 out of 24

Since Adam and I were only playing for fun, that makes our random reader Brian from Massachusetts the winner of this year’s Cocky & Rude Oscar Prize! I’m just grateful that I don’t have to figure out how to send something to Canada.

During our balloting, we also asked respondents to guess who they felt would be the best and worst dressed at the ceremony. By some random trick of the maths (read: more diverse responses were given for best dressed than worst dressed), by percentage Helena Bonham Carter was selected as most likely to be Best Dressed and Worst Dressed. How is this possible? Well of the 10 people who answered these questions, 3 voted that Helena would rule the roost with her divine style. Her closest competitor was Anne Hathaway who only had two votes. With the remaining votes divided up amongst Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Helen Mirren, & Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it was a simple percentage victory. In the Worst Dressed Category, 75% of responses indicated that Helena Bonham Carter would be the worst dressed with Hallee Steinfeld, Amy Adams and “who ever wins best sound mixing” as her only competition.

Who would have known that perennially best dressed candidates like Cate Blanchette & Nicole Kidman would fail us. Cate’s weird lilacy-pink dress gave us the appearance that someone had projectile vomited on her while she was holding a plate in front of her for protection. Shame on you Cate! Nicole’s outfit looked too space aged for the actress to pull off. Oh and how did she sit down in that thing anyway?

The Jury is still out on best dressed, but one of my favorites of the night was Anne Hathaway’s off the shoulder blue number toward the end of the ceremony. It was amazing.

So did you do as well as you thought you should or would? Or did you let yourself down like Helena Bonham Carter did by not wearing a dead bird tied to her waist? Leave it in the comments.


17 thoughts on “And the Cocky & Rude Prizes go to…”

  1. Not bad considering I was choosing totally at random. I can’t believe my kid beat me.

    Congratulations Brian.

    Oh as for HBC, you knew she was either going to be a total trainweck, thus winning worst dressed (who knew that two classy dames like Cate and Nicole would elbow her out for the title?) or she was going to freak us all out and be so classy as to be unrecognizable. In the end she was meh in the middle. Goth princess. Ho hum. Her shoes even matched. BORING.

  2. I actually kinda liked Cate Blanchett’s dress. Also, I loved all of Anne Hathaway’s dresses. Nicole Kidman’s dress looked better on stage than it did on the red carpet. Hailee Steinfeld looked great, too 🙂

    Worst dress may have been ScarJo.

  3. @Vuboq ScarJo’s hair was a mess. I think she musta gone for a quick roll on the red carpet with Matthew McConaughey before they presented their award.

  4. don’t hate on cate. brave little aussie. out of all the pretty, boring dresses, cate’s looked most interesting. so did michelle williams’.

    but why is no one talking about cruella deville’s older sister, ms sharon stone.
    that’s something that i wish i had not seen, right there.

    and you know who else get’s an oscar? ms winfrey’s bust.
    let’s see how we can draw more attention to her boobs. how ’bout 3 large fabric stripes. no, make it 4. there, that’ll do it.

    and why has oscar become so boring and homophobic?
    they had no balls showing a kiss and dance number between javier and josh.
    really, oscars/abc?
    and then then i went to bed and dreamt josh and javier got married at the after-party ceremony.

  5. I commented on Oprah’s boobs, other post. Oh and Sharon Stone needs to stand up straight and stop doing the “I’m a supermodel see me be slinky” pose. And stop killing magpies and sticking them on her shoulder.

    Cate’s looked like her boobs were too big for the original dress so they just cut a hole in the front to accomodate them. Making it look like your chest is in an old-fashioned picture frame is not attractive.

  6. Oprah’s boobs were magnificent….I also think that Natalie Portman’s pregnant boobs helped make her look have that extra kick


    Also, I don’t know how Oprah breathed. Her waist looks like it was tied up so tight, and yes, it made her boobs look magnificent.

  8. Wow – I did better than I thought I would. I wonder if I’ll do better next year when I see the actual movies.
    Congratulations to the mysterious Brian.

  9. @Adam @Craig says the man who asks his commenters to tell him if they have tasted other people’s semen regularly

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