EXPOSED: The Truth About Craig

Most of you think that Craig (the occasional Puntabulous blogger) is a really nice guy.  He’s always hamming it up with his girlfriend Natalie, telling you why Captain Picard is cooler than Han Solo and having you guess how much change is in his bathroom jar.  But I know the truth!


And lately — completely unprovoked! — he’s been sending me these sketches to lower my self esteem.

I thought that you should all know the truth.  Craig is an AWFUL person!
And I’ve never been anything but nice to the boy!  Short of a restraining order, what can I do?
Is there anything I can do to stop this abuse?


18 thoughts on “EXPOSED: The Truth About Craig”

  1. Well he DOES have a tendency to distort one’s….interest in positioning, like claiming one is, oh, I don’t know, say a big ole bottom when he’s in fact a dominate top.

    However, since he’s so obviously cute, adorkable and stalkable, I tend to overlook all that.


  2. You know, I wonder. Those drawings look less Puntabulous and more Cocky & Rude to me…I wonder if someone is trying assassinate Craig’s character?

  3. Wrong John and Craig!!! Adam forwarded these pieces of work as they arrived to his phone. Besides…we all know from rainbow poo that Adam is very adept at illustrating fecal matter

  4. Mikey makes a great comment about illustrated feces. Who’d ever think I’d type that at work.

    Boys. *sigh* There is no remedy except a fist fight under the jungle gym afterschool.

  5. Ohhh. Then I’ll bring the Crisco Mikey.

    I just noticed how disturbing it is that as I scroll down my blogger dashboard I keep being faced with Craig giving me the finger. I’m going to get a complex soon.

  6. Tam, whenever I come here at work I have to do a quick scroll down so COCK isn’t on my screen for too long, but now when I do, I’m met with a huge picture of me giving the finger! I can’t win!

  7. it does occur to me that Adam might be using this post to distract attention away from the fact that he and mr sombrero are both in the bottom three this week!!! eeek!

  8. Two Craig posts today – hurray! Craig IS awesome.

    Adam, Craig probably just has a big old crush on you. Drawing you as a piece of poo must be the dork equivalent of pigtail pulling in elementary school.

    I love the Adam rain on the car.

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