BC&RL2: Elimination 5 (Part 1)

Guess what?  It’s Sunday … and you know what that means.  After another week of exciting weight loss, it’s time to boot another team out Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2.  Who will it be this week?  It’s bound be one of these three:

Gingy & The HatAdam & Mr. Sombrero

The Jailhouse LawyersPolt & Jere

Tyler-Exia & Buli-Mikey Ty & Mikey

But before we reveal the first safe team of the week, here’s a musical selection for you to enjoy.
Here’s Jim Boggia with Listening to NRBQ:

Wasn’t that really great?  And now without further ado, the first team that’s safe from this week’s elimination is:

The Jailhouse Lawyers!

This means that either Gingy & The Hat or Tyler-Exia and Buli-Mikey will be leaving the competition this week. Polt and Jere will continue to play the game next week.

Which team will we say goodbye to this week?  Check back at Noon for the exciting reveal!


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