Things to See in LA

Did you notice that I was away for a while? You didn’t? Well you should have. You see I was on a mini-vacation to Los Angeles with my boyfriend. Now this vacation wasn’t your normal ordinary mini-vacation with a significant other. This was a very special and very specific vacation that we will get to later. Before we get to the incredibly entertaining and important reason for this cross-country excursion, we should talk about the amazing celebrities I saw while out west. Everyone knows that Los Angeles is the land of the super star and I had an amazing time seeing some amazing stars. Don’t think I saw anyone big enough? Judge for yourself.

On our first day out in Los Angeles, the boyfriend and I decided to make a trip to the Griffith Park Observatory where you can get some amazing views of the cityscape. I had absolutely no expectation that I would see anyone famous there. Do celebs other than George Michael frequent parks? Well apparently they do. After my boyfriend shamed the scientists at the Observatory by proving he did in fact know more than them, we headed back to our car. On our way we passed the actor who plays Gabe on the office. This might not sound like a true celebrity siting to most of you, but to me it was nothing less than miraculous. I had often wondered how easy it would be to see a tv or movie star in LA and now I knew. I would see one everywhere I went.

It was actually over 24 hours before I saw my next celebrity and it was in a much more likely place. The boyfriend and I took a tour of Warner Brothers studios in Burbank expecting to get a behind the scenes look at the way that movies and television shows are made. Sure the thought had occurred to me that I might see some stars on the tour, but I didn’t hold my breath lest I curse myself to see no one at all. On our tour we walked to the sound stage where Two and Half Men is filmed. I wasn’t particularly excited since I find the show and its concept really dull. However, it is right next door to where Big Bang Theory is filmed. Just outside of the stage stood Jonathan Galecki himself. I swooned. I had been crushing on Mr. Galecki since he was on Roseanne, but sadly the tour required that all cellphones and cameras be locked away. I have no photo to prove that he loves me above all others.

My next siting was not one I had been prepared for. In fact, I had no clue who he was when I first saw him. As the boyfriend sat down for some fine pampering at a barber shop, a cocky young man walked in and began to talk about recently ending filming, a trip to Vegas, and his sisters upcoming events. After saying his name, I realized that I was in the presence of the true scum of the earth: a Kardashian. Arrogant and sleazy to the end, Rob Kardashian was not attractive enough to be the model he aspires to. I think I caught an STD just being in the same room.

On my very last day of California sun, I had two full celebrity sitings and one celebrity aural experience. As I alluded to earlier there was a very specific reason for my trip to LA. My boyfriend had been selected as contest on Jeopardy! My fourth siting of the day was naturally Mr. Alex Trebek. Charming and intelligent Trebek is an amazing host who loves to interact with the audience. He also loved to interact with my next celebrity siting: my boyfriend. I highly recommend that you tune in to see his performance on May 31, 2011.

I also promised one aural encounter. Well I had the most amazing and coincidental encounter of all time. The most important celebrity of all time was in the sound stage next to Jeopardy! rehearsing for the upcoming Grammy’s and while I did not have the pleasure of seeing this artist, I did have the opportunity to hear his mellifluous voice. I was in within twenty yards as the most amazing Justin Bieber. This untalented hack alerted us to his presence by sending his lackies to the Jeopardy! studio to ask if Alex Trebek had caught the Bieber Fever. Alex had not and he made it quite apparent. I didn’t think I could like Trebek more, but I do now. Anyone who loathes the Biebs is a friend of mine.

So there you have it. I was absent from the blog for almost a week to enjoy a sunny, pleasant, celeb fueled sojourn in Southern California to support my inimitably intelligent boyfriend on his quest for Jeopardy! riches. Tune in on May 31st to see just how well he did!


19 thoughts on “Things to See in LA”

  1. I have never seen a celebrity in LA. Well, except to Dr. Phil when I took my mom to his show. ANd he doesn’t count.

    JG was so cute and funny on Roseanne. I loved her in the Snicker’s commercial.

    I can’t belieb you hear the Bieber singing in the next room! Never wash you ears!

  2. Squeeeee. Seriously? Ty MET Alex Trebek? OMG. Did he touch him? Tell him not to wash his hand until I can get to NY and touch him too. When I was just a wee thing, Alex Trebek hosted a show on Canadian TV (before he got all famous on Jeopardy) called Skating with the Stars, where figure skaters would come on perform for a live audience. I lurved Alex. I’ll definitely be tuning in. Did they swear you to secrecy about the show?

    Okay, that was way more exciting than the dream I had about why you and Ty were in LA. It was freaky and I obviously hang out with the wrong kind of people on Twitter.

    Oh when my friend from Australia was at the LA airport last fall she saw Helen Mirren. Double swoon.

  3. Ty was on Jeopardy?!?!?!?!? That is AWESOME!!!! I’ll forget the date, so remnd us (or just me) ahead of time, cause I wanna see it! That is SO cool!

    Oh, yeah, the celeb sitings, meh. Not into celebrities much (although I wouldn’t mind getting into Mr. Galecki! Ba-da-BOOM!). My only siting was back in the mid-90s, I was in DuPont Circle in DC with friends and George Stephenopolis walked right by us. Oh, and in the various DC Gay Pride parades, I’ve been only a few yards away from Bruce Villanch, gay porn director Chi-Chi Larue and two of her models, and the always awesome and squee-tacular Valerie Harper!


  4. And just for a change: Ty was on Jeopardy?!? AWESOME! Totally remind us all of the date so we can watch and claim we are besties.

  5. @Michelle My ears shall never be washed….they are getting kinda gross, but I’ll live

    @Tam Ty shook hands with Alex…and talked with him…and all kinds of good things! He is even getting a photo of just the two of them!

    @all I will definitely be reminding everyone when he is going to be on! 🙂

  6. Mikey forgot to mention that *I* saw Ioan Griffud (a/k/a Horatio Hornblower a/k/a Mr. Fantastic) at a CVS in Century City.

  7. @Tam: I saw him in the parking lot comforting a small child. So while I can’t comment on his shopping habits, he’s clearly parental.

  8. I had to share this news with my co-worker who is equally jealous about meeting Alex Trebek as she was also a fan of Alex in his Stars on Ice days. She is very eager to see Ty on TV.

  9. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the Jeopardy episode! Is Ty a millionaire now?

    And Ioan Gruffudd is the best celebrity sighting ever! I love him!

  10. I forgot to say congratulations to Ty. So, Congratulations!

    Why should Mikey have to remind us of the date? It should be written down on our PUNTABULOUS calendars!

  11. I lived in LA for 2 years and the only two celebrities I ever saw were Paris Hilton and Matthew Lillard. I think I might have also seen Ben Affleck, but that one is unconfirmed.

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