How Many Things Did Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Yesterday I stuffed my mouth with Swedish Fish.

I vowed to do better with Swedish Fish than I did with Pretzels.  18 was embarrassing!

So I stuffed and I stuffed.

More and more…

Until my face was dramatically distorted by over-stuffing!
Oh, and no fish-rolling was necessary, Fdot.

And then, just like every time I play this stupid game, I spit them out all over the table.

I hadn’t really planned on them being so slimy and sticky.

They were truly disgusting.  There was sticky red drool EVERYWHERE.

But because I’m completely devoted to our blog readers, I counted each and every one of them.
So how many do you think I fit into my mouth?


Congratulations to John for guessing the closest without going over!
(He guessed 37.)

You win a disgustingly slimy, saliva-covered pile of Swedish Fish!  Yay!

I’m gunna go wash my hands.  And this table.  And my red drool coverd shirt.

And try to forget that I ever did this.

Thanks for playing!


12 thoughts on “How Many Things Did Adam Jam Into His Mouth?”

  1. So that’s what a mouthfull of spit covered Swedish fish look like when they’re sliding into my stomach. hmmm. I’m glad I only taste them and don’t have to see that part. Ugh.


  2. I am both appalled and amazed by that. I think this exercise is causing your oral cavity to expand. Much like a chipmunk you shall soon be able to fit an entire whole roast tofurkey in there.

    Congratulations John. I think.

  3. I think Mr. Sombrero should be present during these things. I’m terrified there’s going to be a picture of Adam choking and not in a sexy way.

  4. I would hereby like to start a petition for Adam to stop stuffing his oral cavity, despite the good side effects (Tam, thank you for pointing that out, and thank you Polt).

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