What Animal Are You?

Teachers are always using this question as a dumb writing prompt or a way to keep the class quiet for fifteen minutes while they wait for their hangover to subside.  Every kid writes down something dumb, hands it in, and the teacher chucks them in the recycling bin when no one is looking.  Then it’s a on to a Disney movie and some worksheets until the bell rings!  Yay!

When I was in sixth(?) grade, I was fat, tormented, a band nerd, and a closeted homosexual.  Boo hoo!  My language arts teacher assigned us this very question, but with a twist.  Instead of describing yourself, you had to describe a randomly assigned classmate.  A very dangerous proposition, as one of my tormentors could have called me something awful.  But this is what I got:

Isn’t that sweet?  I really liked what she wrote, and I saved it forever!  AllyOop!

So, my bloggy friends, I challenge you with this:  Pick a few other bloggy friends and describe them as animals. What animal is Tam, Polt, Michelle M., Mikey, John, Mush, Paul, Enrico, Craig, Josh, Ryan, Mel and the rest of the bloggy gang?  Maybe they’re strong like an ox, stupid and ugly like a horse, or annoying like a fly?  Or they’re faithful like dog, smart and aloof like a cat, or hairy and ugly like a human being!  Tell us what you think!


10 thoughts on “What Animal Are You?”

  1. Lessee … Just off the top of my head: Polt is like a really big, friendly, huggable bear (maybe a polar bear, like the ones in those old Coca-Cola commercials). Mel is SuperSmart and crafty and good with his hands, so maybe he’s a Chimpanzee. And, Enrico is SuperCute and gives good hugs so he would be a koala (I don’t know if koalas give good hugs, but I always imagined they would).

  2. Okay, these are just off the top of my head:

    Craiggers: a giraffe, cause of his height, but a giraffe with an argyle pattern to his skin.
    Tam: Mama Polar Bear, cause she’s from up north, has white-ish hair and is a fierce mama bear like protector of her cub.
    FDot: some breed of sheep herding dog, cause he’s good, loyal, helpful and selfless.
    Mel: I’ve met Mel in person, but everytime I think of him, I think of his little dog Puck.
    Joshrica: One of two options: 1) a pair of chipmunks ala Disney’s Chip & Dale or 2) a pair of inseperable jack Russell terriers, cause in both bases, they’re cute, smallish, always together and they chatter to each other constantly.
    john: a bunny. D’uh.
    Adam: an orangatan, cause they’re both gingers and they both make me laugh
    David P: A peacock, cause they’re both flashy, flmaboyant, (but always in a good way, not an arrogant or show-off-ish way) and the cneter of attention.
    Michelle M.: some breed of small beautiful bird that builds an intricate nest, cause she’s small, cute, and insanly creative.

    I’ll have to think more on the others.


  3. And since I never bother to proof-read, I’ll say here that it should read “I’ve NEVER met Mell in person”. And I’m trying to think of a sleek, lean, yellow-ish animal for VUBOQ…all I can come up with is a snake, but that doesn’t seem VUBOQ-ish in the least!


  4. VOBOQ would be a Cheeta, always on the run.
    Craig would be a Swan, because he’s tall when he’s standing.
    Josh would be a Chihuahua belonging to some pop diva with his head sticking out of some $5,000 bag.

  5. This was hard. I too thought of Craig as a giraffe or a gorilla, keeping all the dancing monkeys in line.

    I think Josh and Enrico are meerkats. Kind of hyper and thin and cute.

    Michelle M. is a gazelle. Bouncy, tiny and adorable.

  6. Oooh, I like Paul’s VUBOQ suggestion: a Cheetah! sleak and yellow (what I was looking for) and always running, which is the great comparison Paul came up with! Nice!


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