Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2, Week 4

The third week of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser has drawn to a close.  This week we asked each of our contestants how their eating habits have changed since the beginning of the contest.  Here’s what they had to say:


John in the potty.

John: I went back to a system of eating that has worked for me in the past, eating every two hours whether I am hungry or not. This doesn’t mean eating a full meal, but grazing.  I’ve increased my fruit and veggie intake and have murdered lots of apples, bananas, string beans and peppers.   I’ve also increased my fiber and water intake. I swear I spend half my day in the litter box peeing because I have been drinking so much water.  So far, I’ve been pretty successful, but this week, I’ve learned that if I buy cookies, I eat them.  As a result, I’m only down [censored] a pound for a total of down [censored]%.

Mel: I think I must be retaining water or something, because my weight actually went up a bit this week, even though I was assiduous at recording everything I ate and even exercised when I had the chance. Either that or the extreme drop in temperatures we’ve seen this past week threw my body into hibernation mode. Either way, I’m pretty sure it’s a blip in the road, because I have no intention of slacking off.  You asked about how this competition has affected my eating habits, and since I basically just went back to recording everything the way I had for the previous year and prior to the holidays, my answer is very little. I’ve been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 16 years and I generally try to make sensible choices when I eat. What I have found, though, is that it’s easy for my overall caloric intake to get away from me if I don’t keep track of it, so food journaling and tracking calories is really the only way that works for me to keep my weight from getting away from me. Aside from that, I don’t think it’s a good idea to diet in deprivation mode. Then you just feel like you’re missing out, which makes you more likely to break the diet. I have a bit of chocolate, or cheese, or even butter, but I make sure that it’s accounted for and try to keep myself aware of the choices I’m making.


Craig: Well I haven’t resorted to a diet of tofu and mineral water just yet, but Enrico likes to send me yelly texts every time I even look at food (I think he’s stalking me) so I’ve been working on creating some better eating habits. I don’t eat anything after 9PM. (It really should be 8PM, but I get home late, so 9PM it is.) I’ve also been lowering my portion sizes at meals (if I told my Mom I wasn’t eating the dinner she cooked me I’d most likely get a shoe to the head, possibly while she was still wearing it) and cutting out (most, I’m only human!) snacks and alcohol. (I love parentheses!)

Enrico has decided to quit the competition.

Mr. Sombrero opts for a mostly liquid diet!

GINGY & THE HAT Adam & Mr. Sombrero

Mr. Sombrero: Since I got over the flu, I’ve starting eating solid foods again, so I actually gained a bit. And that helped me realize the secret to permanent weight loss: liquid foods!!!, which translates into: Breakfast: Soup, Lunch: Soup, Dinner: Soup, Repeat! So today, guess what I had for lunch. (Hint: see pic).

Adam: I’ve done my best to control my portion sizes and to eliminate nearly all the junk food that I used to eat on a daily basis.  No more chips, cookies, soft pretzels, crackers slathered in peanut butter, etc.  When I’m not stuffing my face with pretzels, I now opt for healthier alternative like apples, oranges, bananas, grapes and raisins.


Jere's breakfast of champions!

Jere: My eating habits have not changed much. I pay a little bit more attention to portions (like this morning, I had 2 eggs with breakfast instead of 3). I also try to plan ahead for healthy snacks/light meals throughout the day.

Polt: I’ve already mentioned the changes in my eating habits, but I’ll do it again now that it’s this week’s theme. I’ve cut way back on the thing I splurge on the most: Pepsi. I’m back to one can a day (except when I’m watching football, but I’ve only got one more game of that left…GO PACKERS!). I drink a lot of water in it’s place. I’ve cut back on the eating after 8:00 pm. And I’m eating smaller portions. I still have Mexican food, steak and fries, pasta, but I eat less of them all at one time. And then the next night, I have the leftovers. And for snacks, I’m gorging on celery, apples, oranges that kinda stuff.


Paul: My eating habits have changed drastically. Calorie counting is not so much important to me as how food will affect my blood sugar levels. I have packed food for me to eat every day I go to work and have been cooking dinner for myself every night instead of getting something. Since pasta sends my blood sugar sky-high I have pretty much eliminated it from my diet along with white bread, cheese, mayonnaise, and of course sweets. I have also avoided the almost weekly tradition of having a cake at the office for some reason or another.

FDot: All dieting and no chocolate makes FDot a dull boy.  All Dieting and no Chocolate makes FDot a dull boy.  All dieting and “no chocolate” makes FDot a dull boy.  All dieting and no chocolate makes FDot a dull boy.  All [dieting] and no chocolate (makes FDot) a dull boy.  All dieting and no chocolate; makes Fdot a dull boy.  All diet, ing and no choco(late) makes FDot: a dull boy.  All dieting and no chocolate makes FDot a dull boy.  All dieting and no chocolate makes FDot a dull boy.  All dieting….and no cocolate….makes FDot a dull boy.  All Dieting and.  No chocolate makes.  FDot a dull boy.  All dieting and no choco


Mush: I have a better understanding of portion size. It is that the appropriate amount of any food is slightly less than half as much as you want.

Ryan: The biggest change in my eating habits has been that I measure everything. When eating at home, anything that doesn’t come in single serving units passes through a measuring cup or the kitchen scale. This has encouraged me to bring lunch to work because figuring out the nutritional value of cafeteria meal is hard. Other changes include no more honey in my oatmeal (raisins are sweet enough), no more automatically getting a side of fries, and buying and actually eating fruits and vegetables.


Mikey: I have taken a two pronged approach to changing my eating habits: cook at home and less fat.  It seems to be working.  By focusing on preparing (or having Ty prepare for me) healthier meals with lower fat contents I have been losing weight.  I also could be losing weight by trudging through the snow that seems to come EVERY DAY now.  I just need to get that real exercise thing really going…

Ty: Greetings from Plateau-ville.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this thing, my plan as far as diet was concerned was to just watch what I ate more closely.  I’ve continued to do reasonably well on that front, choosing lighter options, leaving out the bag of chips at lunch, keeping portion size in check, etc.  But as I also mentioned, the resulting weight loss is not likely to happen fast enough to compete with serious dieting, which I refuse to do.  So I guess maybe in addition to watching what I eat, I need to start watching…gulp…what I DRINK.

How did our teams do in the first week?  It’s time to find out!
We’ve added the total percentages for each team.  For CRAIGGO, we’ve doubled Craig’s percentage. Here are the results:

And now it’s time to eliminate a team!  Here’s how it works: just like American Idol, you vote for the team that you want to save.  The team with the least votes will be eliminated.  Polls close around Noon (EST) on Saturday.


Please feel free to plead your case, campaign, laugh, cry, beg, solicit, or sound off in the comments.
And look for the third elimination results on Sunday!


26 thoughts on “Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2, Week 4”

  1. I totally don’t think John should be out because my stupid body decided to be uncooperative this week. I haven’t measured anything, but it’s entirely possible it was muscle weight put on. Either that or PMS. Besides, if I get whacked, y’all still won’t be getting rid of me. Remember last time around when I wasn’t even officially competing?

  2. Where all the photos? I can’t believe that people who exercise, eat practically only vegetables (and don’t cheat) and turn in photos are eliminated! This contest is as warped as Adam’s mind.

    Mush – your “half as whatsis” sentence reeked of a mathematical word problem. It made my brain hurt.
    Adam – I LOVE soft pretzels!
    john on the john is adorable.
    I hope Fdot isn’t anywhere near an ax.
    Craig’s shoe to the head comment was hilarious and earned my vote for the week. Team Craiggo.

    Good job everyone – keep it up!

  3. Great job everyone. I’m still trying to be good even though I was eliminated *sob* and I think Mel and I suffered the same problem. I did not eat any more than the week before when I lost 2.5, this week, lousy .5. Oh well, next week. I’m still trying to be good. 🙂

    Good luck and I’m sorry we lost Enrico to a pack of wild twinkies, I’ll miss whichever team bites the dust.

  4. Craigges, I can attest to the fact Enrico was not stalking you, as your official stalker I never saw him lurking around (and Enrico’s disappearance has absolutely nothing to do with the fact he may have been infiringing on someone else stalkee…..just sayin…..)

    After almost getting eliminated Mushy Cupcake gets catapulted into first place!! I see Mush’s Get-The-Flu-Lose-The Weight idea works wonders, although I doubt she’d recommend iit.


  5. Well Craig, personally, my mom won’t round-house kick me in the head for not clearing my plate.

    I also learned that a serving of anything Entemann’s is not “the box”.

  6. Paul, you’ve met my Mom. I had to do everything in my power to stop her from roundhouse kicking anyone who didn’t come back for seconds. In fact, Adam almost ate an actual cheeseburger for fear of her wrath!

  7. @Craig If you are in the bottom, doesn’t that mean that you are the top?

    PEOPLE said my INFECT my partner with the FLU plan was CRAZY! But WHO’S crazy NOW?!

  8. I think it’d be awesone just to hear her say Roadhouse at all or anything at all really…..her accent on “K-waw-fee” was simply awesomeness itself! 🙂


  9. I’ve been told by Adam that I have quite a heavy accent, but I’m not sure I say “K-waw-fee”. I will, however, endeavor to say “Roadhouse” after every kick.

  10. Like ka (car). My accent isn’t the only thing of mine that is thick….my waist is too, but that is why I am in this competition in the first place.

  11. I agree with Craig, John’s accent is only strong on certain words. Craig’s Mom has one as does Mama Polt amazingly. 🙂

  12. Yeah Tam, but Mama Polt’s isn’t the same as Craiggers’ mom’s accent. Which I suppose is a good thing cause otherwise, we’d get them all confused with each other!


  13. Yay, good to see everyone is going strong (‘cept for Mel.) Bummer that Enrico dropped out, but if he lost any more weight he would have had a tough time falling through the cracks in the floor. I would wish I could help you out Craiggers, but SOMEONE will not even talk to me after that incident with the red wig, a tube of baconaise, and a Bieber blow up doll. Whatever, some people just can’t take a joke.

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