My Weird Favorites

Just about everyone has a favorite color, a favorite song, and a favorite breakfast cereal.  But today we’re going to talk about you weird favorites.  Weird favorites are the ones that you probably don’t share with too many people.  They’re weird character traits that most people hear and then quickly call you a “freak.”  Here’s just a few of mine:

Cooked Broccoli
Have you finished barfing all over your keyboard?  It’s the honest truth: I freak’n love cooked broccoli.  Sure raw broccoli is good, but the mushy steamed, boiled or baked varieties reign supreme.  Adding some broccoli to a tomato sauce, Indian, Thai or Chinese food, or really just pile it on a plate with a little salt and pepper and I’m in heaven.  The texture, the taste … mmmm!  Those tiny green trees are my favorite!

Canvas Belts
Unless you’ve recently suffered some sort of skull trauma, you already know that I’m vegan (and before that, I was vegetarian).  It’s been about 15 years since I’ve consumed any kind of meat.  And along with not eating meat, I also don’t wear it.  That means that leather belts, shoes and wallets are a no-no.  For the last 15 years, I’ve worked hard to fill a dresser drawer with canvas (and fake-leather) belts of every color and pattern.  And no matter how many I own … I keep buying more!

The Smell of Old Books
My first job was as a book shelver at my local county library.  And as I was weeding through the piles of books that were soaked with urine and polka dotted with snot, every once and a while I’d come across a clean one.  And if I was lucky, that clean book would be very, very old.  I’d scan the immediate area and make sure that no one was looking.  Then I’d crack it open and give it a quick sniff.  That dry, disintegrating old paper smells simply amazing.

Old books, canvas belts and a side of cooked broccoli.  So perfect together!  But I can’t be the only person with a weird favorite.  Tell me a few of yours in the comments!


6 thoughts on “My Weird Favorites”

  1. I love broccoli. And Brussels sprouts. Pretty much any brassica, really.

    I still wear leather belts, though that’s about as much leather as I’ll wear.

    Even if they look clean, old books aren’t. They’ve got all sorts of mites and dead skin cells that you’re snorting right up your nose when you sniff them. I’m thinking mite-snorting isn’t exactly vegan, particularly since your mucosa carries them to the back of your throat on the mucus film and then you swallow them.

  2. I love cooked broccoli! Especially with butter and salt. And lima beans, too. I cook the hell out of them until their nice and soft and then add lots of butter. Delicious!
    I don’t wear belts. And I also love the smell of old books, so I’m going to ignore what Mel said.

    I also like the smell of synthetic sponges. And the smell of the water in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And Elmer’s glue – except you shouldn’t ever sniff that.

    Another weird favorite of mine is Adam.

  3. I hate the texture of broccoli. That seedy stuff, not so good. But I eat it because it’s good for you and it’s probably Kristen’s favourite vegetable.

    I like pickled beets. Yes, they’re red. I like beets in most any form.

  4. One of my friends from high school also really loves the smell of old books. Recently, I found a used bookstore that had a very strong old book smell and thought of her. You’d probably like it as well.

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