Be Nice to the Bunny

Since we live in a modern age, where we can record our favorite shows and fast forward through the commercials or mute them outright, I am easily shocked by their content. They don’t have language that is more shocking than the shows I watch and they don’t have any more skin than I am accustomed to, but they just seem to traffic in things that make me cringe.

Take this H&R Block ad for example. Not only is H&R Block the devil for making easy money off of easily duped consumers and giving them the most basic of tax support, but they are also doing really awful things to stuffed animals.

Not only do I feel bad for the big Pepto-Bismol colored bunny in this ad, but can you imagine the horrors going through your 5 year old niece’s brain when she sees a nice fluffy bunny bashed against a brick wall? And what about our very own John? Don’t you think he deserves better treatment than that? I do.

To counteract the terrors you just witnessed, I have found another commercial that does much nicer things to stuff animals. Well…at least they look like they are enjoying themselves and that is what counts.


5 thoughts on “Be Nice to the Bunny”

  1. Ha! I totally love that second commercial. The first is just weird. How much money did they spend on such a lame idea? And yeah, poor bunny.

  2. Paul, I’ve been holding my own too, so don’t feel bad. You aren’t alone.

    The commercial doesn’t bother me, but it is stupid. The second one was pretty genius. Luckily, I haven’t been treated as poorly as the pink bunny.

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