Just Another Manic Monday!

There are so many thoughts buzzing around my head.  It’s almost uncontrollable.  I have so many things to tell you! Oh wait, that must be because it’s just another Manic Monday!

I have awful news!  Mr. Sombrero has the flu. And while this means that we’ll probably top BC&RL2 again this week, it also means that I didn’t see him all weekend!  I’m heartless and I should be taking care of him, you say?  Nah — I don’t want to get sick too!  Get well soon, Mr. Sombrero!!

So while I home this weekend, I worked on all sorts of freelance projects.  And while I’m working on freelance projects, I’m almost always watching TV shows or movies.  This weekend I watched the first eight episodes of Wonderfalls.  Honestly, I was just sick of Craig and Enrico telling me how wonderful it is, so I decided to give it a try.  And it is pretty great!  Thanks for the suggestion!

Something else I watched this weekend?  Saturday Night Live. And while I usually just nap as I watch the snorefest that is SNL, I actually laughed a few times this week.  And I laughed especially hard at this week’s Digital Short, which starred Andy Samberg, Pee-wee Herman and Anderson Cooper.  Check it out here.

Something else that made me laugh more than expected: The Green Hornet.  I saw it on Saturday, and it wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting.  The action was fun, the script was funny, and the characters were pretty well written.  Obviously it’s not going to win any Academy Awards, but it was entertaining.

I’m also enjoying Shameless on Showtime.  It’s based on the UK series with the same name, and stars William H. Macy.  The second episode aired last night and it was great.  If you’re not watching it, you should be.

Something else you should be is excited, because I’m writing a new Have You Ever?! quiz to post later this week.  I have a feeling that a few of our readers will be scoring very high on this one.

(Dunno how to segue into this one) My skin seems to be falling off. My limbs are all flaky and disgusting.  I guess because it’s winter and the air is dry, or something?  I’ve started slathering lotion all over my arms and legs when I get out of the shower and before bed.  I thought only ladies did things like this???  Ugh.

After the lotion and before going to sleep, I usually play games on my phone.  Books be damned!  Angry Birds is my new obsession.  And last night I downloaded a free demo of Spaghetti and Marshmallows.  So fun!  I didn’t go to bed until 2.

So that’s my Manic Monday … what’s yours?  What’s on your mind today?


9 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday!”

  1. Have you combined your Friday Five with your manic Monday?
    Mr. Sombrero, get well soon, so you can eat, eat, eat and gain, gain, gain.
    Harry was obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies. He spent most of his holiday vacation playing it.

    What’s on my mind? Besides delicious fattening food? My new time waster:
    Golden Globe dresses! I loved Olivia Wilde’s sparklefest and Dianna Agron looked beautiful. JLoveHewitt was my least favorite. As was her gown.

  2. Feel better Mr. Sombrero. You suck as a boyfriend Adam. Twu Wuv means risking germs. Don’t you want to be thin too?

    Is Helena Bonham Carter crazy or what? I love her only because she doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. Sure she looked like hell (although I’ve seen her look worse) and the two colored shoes thing was a bit OTT, but she’s wacky. I was really bored with all the dresses that are the same color as their skin. Come on people, Crayola invented color for a reason. Use it. Flesh is not an attractive shade.

    That’s about it. -25C here this morning so I was pretty much focused on ensuring that no body parts froze off on the way from my car to the office. (My apologies for discussing weather.) Oh but the snow was delightfully crunchy/squeaky this morning. I love squeaky snow.

  3. Get better soon, Mr. Sombrero! Haven’t watched Wonderfalls, but I did purchase season 1 of the Last Airbender today, at half off thank you very much. I’ll start watching it when I’ve wrapped up watching ST:DS9. What’s on my mind today? The new guy that’s coming over tonight that I talked to for three and a half hours on the phone yesterday! talking that long generally portends more than just a fuck; the bad weather we’re supposed to get tonight; and the chores I’ve got to get done tomorrow since I’m taking off then.


  4. Today has been split between media and school. I’ve had to prepare lessons for the student I tutor since the school district decided they don’t want to help her. (I haven’t looked at most of this material in over 20 years.) Then I caught up with Season 3 of Fringe, watched the last two stories of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and finished up with All Good Things. Just checked that my screeners are coming for the Spirit Awards ballot. Now I’ll finish writing a second lesson, and watch the Dr. Who Christmas special. I was going to have dinner, but I need to lose weight. I also might contemplate the innate hopelessness of man, or save that for tomorrow.

  5. Gracias amigos!
    Feeling much better today. Stayed in bed for 4 days straight and still managed to lose weight. :-0
    Fever, night sweats, and feeling like crap is apparently all that’s needed… and liquid diet.
    Adam, you have no idea what you’re missing.

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