Listen All A Y’all!

Team Oink member and Rainbow Poo Crap Pack extraordinaire, Michelle M. mailed me a package of Vegan Jelly Beans!  I received the package today from my creepy upstairs neighbor, who found it on his doorstep.  Booo to the USPS, but yayyy to Michelle!  She is so nice!  I love her so much!  Thanks Michelle!!!

But this gift comes at an odd time.  It’s neither a major holiday, nor is it my birthday. But Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser did just start a little over a week ago. Was Michelle just being nice … or could there be more sinister motives?

To me, these sweet, delicious morsels of goodness smell a little bit like …

Nom nom nom nom! Regardless of the motive … THANKS MICHELLE!! 😀


9 thoughts on “Listen All A Y’all!”

  1. Well, I can’t see the video because my workplace sucks and has YouTube firewalled, but I’m just going to assume they smell like teen spirit.

  2. Spring doesn’t look very impressed. She’s onto Michelle. Good thing Spring isn’t in the contest again your you might have found a packet of Whiskas in there too.

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