How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Hello and welcome to a brand new Cocky & Rude game that we’re calling:
How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Now before you get too excited, let me explain.  Each time that we play this game, I’ll take a whole bunch of objects and jam then into my big mouth.  Then you’ll guess how many of that object fit inside of me.  And then later, I’ll reveal the results.  (Oh, and hopefully next time I’ll angle the camera a little better so that my entire giant head will fit into the photo.)

For our premiere round, I’ve chosen: Baby CarrotsBaby Carrots are the brainchild of farmer Mike Yurosek of California.  They’re not really babies at all; they were actually developed as a way to reclaim mature carrots that had slight rotting or other imperfections.  These bite-sized veggies are marketed to consumers as a healthy alternative to junk foods.  They’re perfect for BC&RL!

So how many Baby Carrots can I fit into my mouth?

Leave your guesses in the comments!

And I’ll reveal the results on Thursday at noon!


17 thoughts on “How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?”

  1. 1. You are an attention whore. I like that.
    3. I think you were able to fit 16 baby carrots into your mouth at once.

  2. I’m with Goblinbox in that I think a photo of the fully stuffed mouth should be mandatory in every one of these games. Oh, and I’m gonna 15, cuase what better place is there to be but between Goblinbox and Michelle M.?


  3. Goblinbox stole my guess. Wah! So, I’m going to have to say 17.
    And, I’m going to assume the Mouth-bulging photo will be on Thursday?
    Can we also suggest things we’d like to see you stuff in your mouth?

  4. There’s a good bit of size variation on baby carrots, so it would depend on how big the ones you stuff in there are. Adam’s got a big mouth, though, so I’m gonna say 20. Which I think may still be an underestimate.

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