The Van Der Beeky Friday of the Year

This Friday is the most fabulous Friday of the year. Why, you ask? Because you have made it through the first work week of 2011, which means you can get through the rest of the year. No matter what happens at, in, or around you place of work this calendar year, you can get by and make do. But that is only one of the most fabulous reasons that this Friday is so absolutely freaking fabulous. There is one more amazing thing to be thankful for this week.

Twelve years ago when there was still a network know as the WB, an amazing dramatic show was launched: Dawson’s Creek. This show starred the long-foreheaded one known as James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery and a cast of characters representing any number of teenage stereotypes. These stars have all taken off on their own journeys. One is Tom Cruise’s slave wife, one is about to get her second Oscar nomination for her work in Blue Valentine, and one is now on the Fox cult hit Fringe. But what of our star? We have seen very little of him since he was made famous by the psycho-babble cinema-imbued dialogue of Dawson.

Rest well, dear children! We have new and more amazing ways to enjoy the Beek even though he is off the creek. Let me introduce you to James Van Der Memes. How can you not enjoy this site? The James Van Der Beek-i-ness of it is just too much! Never before has his facial expressions seem so intriguing. I could literally spend hours watching him move each muscle on his face to express a variety of emotions. Dawson lives on, friends! You can rest easy tonight.


4 thoughts on “The Van Der Beeky Friday of the Year”

  1. He didn’t really look happy, it was more of a dirty leering old man look. To be honest, I’ve never seen an episode of Dawson’s Creek.

  2. I’ve never seen an episode of Dawson’s Creek either, although there was a particular attractive and attentive stripper at Remingtons one year when I was in Toronto who was named Dawson. He and I spent a lot of time talking when he wasn’t dancing. Pretty fascinating guy, actually.


  3. OMGz I’ve seen every episode of Dawson’s Creek about 10 times. I used to watch the reruns every day before commuting to college (the last year or so, my classes didn’t start until 1pm).

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