Reader's Choice Cocky Awards: Part 2

Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to welcome you to the first annual Cocky Awards! Throughout the month of December, Mikey and I have be awarding these glorious trophies to all our favorites of 2010. Now it’s your turn to toss out some trophies! It’s time to reveal who you have voted for to win the final Cocky Awards of 2011!

Our fourth category asked readers who the funniest Cocky & Rude frequent commenter is. The poll garnered 17 votes and the winner with 35.29% of the vote is… Michelle! Runners up in this category are Enrico, John and Polt who all received 11.76% of the vote. Congratulations Funny Michelle!

Our fifth category asked readers who the sexiest Cocky & Rude frequent commenter is. The poll garnered 24 votes and the winner with 37.5% of the vote is… Enrico! Runners are in this category are Craig with 25% of the vote, and Michelle with 12.5% of the vote. Congratulations Sexy Enrico!

Our sixth category asked readers who their favorite Cocky & Rude frequent commenter is. The poll garnered 27 votes and two people tied for the top position! Your two favorites, with 22.2% each are… Michelle & Enrico! Runners up in this category are Tam with 18.52% and Craig and Polt with 14.81% of the vote each. Congratulations Michelle & Enrico! You’re our favorites!

And finally, the award that you’ve been waiting for! It’s the Second Favorite Blog Award! This award assumes that Cocky & Rude is your favorite blog, and is awarded to your second favorite blog.  After lots of campaigning, cheating and begging for votes, this category garnered a whopping 153 votes!  The winner, with an impressive 49 votes (32.03%) is… PUNTABULOUS!  At an EXTREMELY close second place, earning 48 votes (31.37%) is Tam’s Reads!  Also placing were Hotel Tuesday (11.11%), Goblinbox (9.8%), Polt’s Palace (8.5%), Josh Is Trashy (5.88%), and Vicious.Unrepentant.Bitter.Old.Queen (1.31%). 


And that’s it!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed our Cocky Award presentations.
Congratulations to all of our 2010 award winners, and Happy New Year!


13 thoughts on “Reader's Choice Cocky Awards: Part 2”

  1. Shit. 1 freaking vote. Sigh. I succeed defeat quasi-gracefully and at least now Craig won’t have to kill himself. Well done Craig, well done.

    Congrats to Enrico and Michelle, a very popular duo.

  2. Yes!!! I hope I can return all the kerosene and matches. And I hope I can find a new job after I’m surely fired for campaigning for this all day yesterday. You were all worthy competitors!

    Congratulations to the other winners!

  3. So I didn’t win any, but got mentioned in 3 of the 4 categories. I’m a jack of all trades, but a master of none apparently. 🙂

    Congrats to the winners.

    And honestly, aren’t we ALL winners, just cause we come to Cocky And Rude so regularly? 🙂


  4. It’s pretty clear that Michelle and Enrico are like the BEST PEOPLE EVER! Congrats. So what do they win? One Meeeeeeeellion dollars? Gift cards? Something?

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