Have You Ever … Christmas Edition!?

Have you been naughty or nice during the holiday season?  Today’s Christmas-themed Have You Ever?! quiz is going to find out.  You know the drill.  For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points, and post your total in the comments section.

Have You Ever…

1. Have you ever regifted a holiday gift?
2. Have you ever forgotten to buy someone a gift?
3. Have you ever tried to wear a Christmas stocking?
4. Have you ever actually been happy to receive a homemade gift?
5. Have you ever purchased all your Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve?
6. Have you ever thrown a Christmas gift that you received in the trash within 24 hours of receiving it?
7. Have you ever (in your adult life) ever been so excited that you couldn’t sleep the night before Christmas?
8. Have you ever consumed eggnog?
9. Have you ever consumed so many Christmas cookies that you barfed?
10. Have you ever gotten so drunk that you blacked out and missed Christmas?
11. Have you ever cried on Christmas?
12. Have you ever broken up with someone on Christmas?
13. Have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?
14. Have you ever made a naked snow angel?
15. Have you ever done something dirty with a candy cane?
16. Have you ever had sex under a Christmas tree?
17. Have you ever came out of the closet to a family member during the holidays?
18. Have you ever lied to children so they’d go to bed early on Christmas Eve?
19. Have you ever dressed up as Santa?
20. Have you ever sat on Santa’s lap just to feel the warmth?
21. Have you ever sat on Santa’s lap and felt a happy erection below you?
22. Have you ever had sex with someone dressed in a Santa costume?
23. Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone in an elf costume?
24. Have you ever slid down a chimney?
25. Have you ever gotten stuck in a chimney and died? And then a few days later your family smelled your rotting corpse and realized that you hadn’t just run out on them during the holidays?

Have you been a good little boy or girl?  Tell us the truth!  Post your score in the comments.


16 thoughts on “Have You Ever … Christmas Edition!?”

  1. Seis para mi!!!
    And no, I have never done anything dirty with a candy cane, but there was this one time… and it involved a gingerbread man.

  2. 3. Holy hell, I’m as innocent as FDot. I don’t regift or toss, it just goes in the charity box. And it wasn’t a break up ON Christmas but near enough. Ugh.

    I did a survey on my other site and asked about kissing under the mistletoe, 50% had never kissed anyone under the mistletoe. They should work on that. Oh wait, I was one o the 50%. Okay, next year.

    Mr. Sombrero better have pics of that gingerbread man incident. I read a story once that included a giant peppermint stick used for nefarious purposes. I’ve never been able to look at one the same way since.

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