The Cocky Awards: 2010 WWTT Edition

Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to welcome you to the first annual Cocky Awards! Throughout the month of December, Mikey and I will be awarding these glorious trophies to all of our (and your) favorites of 2010. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Everyone’s favorite Saturday feature, What Were They Thinking?!, is always good for a laugh. But which ‘thoughts’ were our favorites of the last year? Here’s a round-up of the best!

If you’re keeping track, Michelle just won three Cockys, and Josh, VUBOQ, Polt, Kristen, Tam and Craig just won one each.  Congratulations to everyone!  And this concludes today’s Cocky Awards.  Leave your kind words of congratulation and your acceptance speeches in the comments!

It’s not over yet!  Look for Cocky Award posts throughout the month  of December, culminating in our Reader’s Choice Cocky Awards results on  December 30th and 31st!  And check back later today — the fifth in a series of Reader’s Choice ballots posts today around noon.


4 thoughts on “The Cocky Awards: 2010 WWTT Edition”

  1. My favorites are Craig’s and Kristen’s. I’m with Craig. I usually stare at these and blank out. So I’m amazed I won three times! Suck it Jesus!

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