While surfing the vids on YouTube, I couldn’t help but come across this clip from the next episode of Glee. I have to say….I’m not sure how I feel about what they are doing. The A Capella version of Teenage Dream is crap but the singer is adorable. I want Kurt to be happy; but does he have to transfer to this mecca of boys to be happy? I just don’t know. Looks like we are in for a return to alternating crap/great cycle of Glee.


12 thoughts on “Crap/Great”

  1. This show had moments of greatness?? I thought I saw every episode?? I guess if it does have cycles, they go like this:

    Lea sings something: great
    “Plot” is advanced through dialogue: crap
    Lea sings something else: great
    “Plot” advanced through dialogue: crap
    etc. etc.

  2. It just seems so aimless this year. Even the second half of last season was pretty driftless. The writers need to get their shit together and get some cohesive, fun, not-forced storylines going, or this show won’t last long.

    That or show much much MUCH more of Puck and Sam in skimpy underwear. Just sayin…


  3. Yeah, they are trying too hard, they need to lighten up and get back to what worked. The songs need to fit the story, not pick 5 popular songs and then force some kind of half-assed story-line around them. But I still watch because it still beats half the crap out there even at it’s worst.

  4. I love this clip and I’ve been watching it nonstop! But yeah, Glee has been pretty hit and miss. They give us the great Grilled Cheesus episode and then crap like Rocky Horror Ugh. Then need an ongoing thread to keep us coming back.

  5. What Glee needs is zombies.

    I thought the clip was cute. Why wouldn’t Kurt want to transfer to a school full of cute, happy boys who don’t throw slushies on him?

  6. Y’all gotta quit hatin’

    I thought the clip was adorable and aside from the craptastic Britney episode, I have loved everything about this season.

  7. THANK you Jere: Haters gonna hate.

    People, it is a TELEVISION SHOW! About a GLEE CLUB! It is hardly high art. I enjoy it for what it is, brain candy. I actually liked the clip, I thought the song was arranged and performed quite well. Kurt will never leave the school.

    Oh, and the only thing missing from that video was the *GUSH* sound effect at the end when Kurt blows his load.

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