Just Another Manic Monday

Halloween is over! That means the real holidays begin!!

Isn’t everyone really excited for pie season? Pumpkin? Apple? Pear? Peach…well not peach, but you know what I mean! I know that Adam is really excited about them.

Babies are the most adorable thing since forever! I was at a party with a baby on Saturday night and he made me get in touch with my crazy nesting instincts. If anyone wants to make a baby, please let me know.

Don’t you love the fact that it is cold again outside? I love the fall! I know I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but fall is amazing. Leaves changing colors and falling off trees and the air is lovely, cold and brisk.

Aren’t you glad that baseball is almost over? I know we still have to put up with football, but the stupid stick and ball thing is done. I can safely say that I don’t care who wins just that they shut up about it.

Are you all watching Modern Family? It is the funniest show I’ve seen in forever. How did I not watch it last year? How can then they make me laugh at every word? I now know that I am going as a gargul next year for Halloween.

Weren’t you all really disappointed with Glee‘s attempt at Rocky Horror? Heavy Sweating, really? Ick.

Do you have your ballot figured out for Tuesday’s election? My prediction is that the Democrats lose the House but barely keep the Senate. Sooo in short, Obama will have an excuse for not getting anything done now.

My feet are cold. Literally not metaphorically. I wish they would be warmer.

Don’t you miss our “have you ever” posts? Adam is really slacking off on thinking up some pervy questions to ask you.

Well those are some of the really random thoughts that are running through my brain today. What thoughts are making your Monday manic?


9 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday”

  1. * I fucking hate hills. How’s that for a thought. Love San Francisco, freaking HATE the topography here. My calves have been sore since day 2.
    * Tomorrow I’m off to the airport at 11:00 am SF time and get home at 11:00 pm home time. Ugh.
    * Am going to miss spending time with my blogger friends, it’s like Long Island, I hate to leave them all it’s been sooo much fun.

    – Love pie, pumpkin might be my fave.
    – Sorry, my uterus is no longer in service.
    – Hate the cold.
    – Being in SF for the baseball thing is interesting. The people across the street from us had a Halloween/baseball party tonight. It’s warm so all windows open and we knew when every run was scored and close play. I have to say though it has total strangers talking on the public transit, it’s certainly a common thread in SF. But on the whole I don’t care who wins and I didn’t even realize it was the World Series until we were out for dinner and heard cheering a few days ago.
    – Modern Family – never seen it.
    – Rocky Horror, eh, it was “okay”, but the one I went to last night was probably better. Fun stuff to do it in a crowd with them acting it out at the same time.
    – I voted in my municipal election a week or so ago. Brownie point for me.
    – My feet are cold too, from sitting on our step waiting for trick-or-treaters to come by. Didn’t get many.
    – Yes, I miss them deeply and madly.

  2. “Don’t you miss our “have you ever” posts? Adam is really slacking off on thinking up some pervy questions to ask you.”

    RUDE! It’s called variety! 😛

  3. I have too much candy left over. Last year we ran out, so we bought a big bag. I guess that means next year we’ll buy a smaller bag and run out again.

    Cherry pie is my favorite. Used to be Marie Calendar’s apple/cranberry pie, but they don’t make it anymore. Pumpkin pie is gross.

    And when you get tired of your baby, give it to me! I want one too!

    I don’t care about baseball of football, but I’ll watch hockey. And figure skating season is underway!

    No – but it’s on the Netflix queue.

    Yes – I’m not liking Schuester. He’s kind of creepy.

    Almost. I still have some literature to wade through.

    Mine too! I’ll need to get out the hot water bottle soon.

    Yes – get going Adam!

  4. Glad too that baseball will be over soon, although I DO love football, so I shant be complaining about that.

    Love the cold, although I HAVE it when my feet are cold, like yours, and like mine are now. Oh, well, that’s why God invented extra pairs of socks, right?

    Mama Polt’s apple and cherry pies are little slices of heaven, and I can’t wait to taste all of them.

    It was shameful that Glee didn’t show more of Sam in just the skimpy shorts. Otherwise, yeah, it was just a big let down. “Heavy sweating’ inDEED!

    Yeah, I already know who I’m voting for tomorrow. And I agree with your assessment. I hope the Dems do keep the Senate, although I’d LOVE to see Harry Ried go down. That way, the truly insane wingnut Angle will get in and all the stupid inane wacko things she advocates will get widesprad national coverage, hopefully making people more wary of the teaparty wingnuts. AND it would allow Chuck Shumer to be Senate leader, and he’s got a backbone and aint afraid to take on the Republicans, unlike the wishywashy Reid.


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