Broken Picture Telephone, Round One

A while ago, I asked a large group of bloggers and commenters to play a game of Broken Picture Telephone. (I apparently started a trend since it is currently been converted to an actual board game.) Basically what happens is that someone writes a sentence and passes that sentence on to someone else to draw. The drawer then passes it on to a writer who writes and passes it on to another drawer. And so on until it is all messed up. Get the picture? No? Well just keep reading, and you’ll understand…

“Just how many balls can you fit into your mouth?” – Mikey

Adam's Art

“With as much as he constantly talked, no one was surprised when Bruce could fit ten peach pits into his mouth at one time … with room to spare.” – Polt

Michelle M.'s Art

“While Bruce Willis blathers on about “artistic choices” to some reporter, he is secretly counting down the days until his cameo role as the new Peach Pit owner on Beverly Hills, 90210, satisfied that he did not have to act alongside any Asians.” – Fdot

Enrico's Art

“As a director, Bruce Willis imagines that he’d rather be buried alive by peaches than be in a movie with Miley Cyrus.” – Nathan

Craig's Art

“Miley Cyrus paused, during the rehearsal for her performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, to listen to the director describe his dream, in which he was a jolly zombie being watered by a giant bionic peach.” – David

Tam's Art

“As Bruce Gowers was directing Miley Cyrus’s performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, he was distracted by thoughts of his dream movie — the one about cyborg peaches with watering cans battling grunge zombies — by even that can’t explain the awfulness of Party In The USA or her performance.” – Mel

Josh's art

“Wearing a leather jackets and holding a megaphone, a teenage Bill Gates conceptualizes robotic potatoes who can manufacture small pox infected humans from seeds, during a recreation of Miley Cyrus’s 2009 Teen Choice Award, Party in the USA routine done by a not-so-sober Sarah Palin wearing lingerie.” – Kristen (the kid)

What is wrong with all of you? I give you a simple line from the season premier of Glee and you end up with Sara Palin wearing lingerie. I also don’t understand this obsession with Bruce Willis and Miley Cyrus! I do understand that this was insanely funny to play. And the next round is even funnier. Trust me! It’s coming soon!

Thanks to all of the participants: Craig, David, Enrico, FDot, Josh, Kristen, Mel, Michelle M., Nathan, Polt, and Tam!


13 thoughts on “Broken Picture Telephone, Round One”

  1. That was the only picture I could find of a group of people looking surprised. I didn’t even notice they were Asian until Mikey pointed it out to me. Sorry Asian people!

    I love the buried in/by peaches thing by Enrico and Craig. And Mel’s bionic peach. And Kristen’s robotic potato.

    It’s interesting that Mel got a Bruce back into the equation after 3 panels.

    “Jolly zombie” – ha! Josh’s picture of Miley Cyrus is cracking me up.

    That was fun! Can’t wait until round 2.

  2. Brilliant, truly brilliant. And so freaking far off the start as to be amazing. Can’t wait for the next one. I love how the sentence gets longer and longer and longer.

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