It's The Friday Five!

Oh Rainbow Poo! Has it been a month since we posted a magically terrific Friday Five? Hmmm…must have been a slow month. Well this week we stumbled upon five fantastic things that you all must see right now! Drop everything (or place that cup of coffee gently back onto the table) and read this post! You won’t be disappointed.  And after you thoroughly enjoy this post — please comment.  Comments are our lifeblood, and we’re not too proud to beg!

Drama Queen
This week, a friend sent me the link to the video, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  The star of this video should be related to me.  If I had a daughter, this is what she’d do.  I plan to raise my children as evil, so she would fit right in.  I love her.  Please enjoy this British short, a commercial for the Young Direct Award entitled, Drama Queen:

Amidst all the talk of gay teens being bullied, there are group of teens that remain almost completely off the map: trans teens. When we found Alysia Harris & Aysha El Shamayleh’s slam poem about the struggles of one such teen, we could only imagine the incredible pain they must feel. Take a moment to watch these two young artists perform their poem, Hir.

Luke Perry At DragonCon
With the reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 garnering renewed interest for dramatic and tactful portrayal of a major character’s struggle with his sexuality (including that character bullying an openly gay classmate that he hooked up with), it seems there might be some renewed interest in some of the stars from the original cast. That explains why Luke Perry was at DragonCon. Well really it doesn’t, but I have no idea why he was there and I suspect he doesn’t either. As a result of his participation there is a genius photoset and even more genius animated gif of those photos. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Willow Smith’s Kiddie Porn
With some of the Glee cast making waves for a risqué photoshoot in GQ, there was no way we could ignore the issue. Let’s face it kiddie porn is both funny and highly profitable. Not sure? Just ask parental role models Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith who let their 9-year-old daughter, Willow (does someone have penis size issues, Will?), not only record a horrifically annoying song called Whip My Hair, but then proceeded to allow her create a music video that would make someone twice her age blush. We can not be the only ones who have found her dancing to be a bit too sexual for someone who should be focused on toys, not boys.

Brookton Hollow
After all that tawdriness, we need a nice old fashioned fairy tale and we won’t let you down. We found the clip Brookton Hollow earlier this week and we were immediately smitten. This poignant and poetic tale of a boy and his cow is memorable and mesmerizing. Even though it features shocking full frontal nudity (and is therefore NSFW), it is a must for adults jaded by the crazy political climes of 2010. Romantic, whimsical and beautifully told to the last shot, we hope you can escape with us to Brookton Hollow.

Our Friday Five was made of evil children, trans teen slam poetry, Luke Perry, kiddie porn, and a gay fairy tale.  What could be better?  Seriously, if anything can possibly be better than that, we challenge you to find it!  Tell us all about your Friday Five in the comments!


13 thoughts on “It's The Friday Five!”

  1. Oh, what an evil child. Definitely in your likeness. 🙂

    A very powerful piece of poetry.

    Luke’s expressions in that gif are hilarious. Or lack of expression I suppose.

    Just last night we were discussion young Willow and I was sure she was closer to 13. 9? Really? Sigh.

    I’ll have to watch a boy and his cow later when I have more time.

    My five:
    1) Shopping with the kid without it ending up in a melt-down (she’s NOT a shopper)
    2) Knowing in 6 days I’ll be in San Francisco meeting my friends from Australia, the UK, Minneapolis and LA.
    3) My supervisor being out of the office for 2 days so I didn’t have to deal with her.
    4) Getting a webinar to actually work and not embarrassing myself in front of a bunch of people.
    5) Hmmmm. You all. 🙂

  2. Drama Queen kills me. I saw that video for the first time a few weeks ago and thought it was genius. “Hir” was well performed. Poor Luke Perry, he’s dead on the inside. I refuse to watch or listen to Whip My Hair. That shit is wrong. I didn’t quite get Brookton Hollow as cows are female, but I guess magic is magic.

    My top five:
    1. My new dryer!
    2. Having Friday off.
    3. New lights for my bathroom, that were free.
    4. Having my toilet fixed.
    5. Michelle’s photos of you guys with Luke Perry

  3. Hooray for full frontal!

    Actually, John, Willis was likely supposed to be a bullock, which would be why he’d more likely be potential meat. I still think that Jersey was a heifer, though.

  4. I think they should have had the naked guy remove his earrings. Other than that it was a cool short movie. It was recorded on a DSLR. I like the artistic depth of field effect. I noticed what seemed to be some stuck pixels in a few shots, I’m curious how much of an issue that is in higher ISO video. Thanks for bring that movie to my attention.

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