Results: The FDot Test

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, this week’s test was a little special.  Until now, FDot has gloated every week about his purity and innocence.  So I stalked Mr. FDot, and wrote a test that only he could ace.  That noise that FDot heard in the middle of the night last week?  That was me going through his trash.  I peeked in his windows, went through his mail and skimmed his entire blog.  The result: finally, the boy who has always found himself on the bottom, has landed on top.  Enjoy the [Polt approved, purple] results:

Oh, and Craig scored a 1, which he reported after I created the chart but before I posted the results.  Maybe Mister Fancypants with his new job should visit C&R before he goes to work.


2 thoughts on “Results: The FDot Test”

  1. There’s so much awesomeness in this post. The purple graph (which, even though I wasn’t consulted on it, does in fact meet with my approval); “Mr. Fancypants” (teehee); and I have to wonder, did you find out somewhere on the blog that FDot was indeed used to being on the…bottom? Or did you discover it when you peeked in his windows?


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