Have You Ever…?

Today we’re treating you to a very special edition of Have You Ever…? game.  Below is a list of 25 questions. For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end, add up your points, and post your total in the comments section.  Let’s have some fun, and see who tops the list this week:

1. Taken an annual jaunt to Ocean City, NJ?
2. Questioned why Canadian pennies can be used so easily in US retail stores?
3. Had a crush on Serbian tennis player, Janko Tipsarevic?
4. Thought that you could stand roping some horses with Ted McGriff?
5. Earned a 10% key chain from Weight Watchers?
6. Spotted wild turkeys in your suburban back yard?
7. Been amazing how sometimes the simplest thing can provide such pleasure.
8. Thought that Lost‘s final scene would have Jack and Locke sitting on the beach in a recreation of the opening scene from the Season 5 finale “The Incident”.
9. Worked for 14 years at Blockbuster Videos?
10. Kept tabs on squirrels?
11. Hoped that someone would buy you a bubble calendar for Christmas?
12. Tried to see as many movies as possible during the NY Film Festival?
13. Blew $50 on a trip to NYC to listen to Kathy Griffin speak for 6 minutes without being able to see her?
14. Been completely unaware of the fact that Beetle Bailey and Lois Flagston are brother and sister?
15. Had the song “Happiness Hotel” running through your head 24/7?
16. Referenced the Wonder Twins in the first post of your blog.
17. Believed that seal pups want nothing more than to consume your essence?
18. Looked forward to watching as much as possible of the 2010 Olympics?
19. Wished a happy birthday to Pulcheria, Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire?
20. Been in a Rupert Brooke mood?
21. Enjoyed Dancing With The Stars’ Mark Ballas (who is just hot) and Johnathan Roberts (who sadly is married)?
22. Enjoyed Cookie Puss but prefer chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
23. Not scored higher than a 5 on a Have You Ever…? test?
24. Not scored higher than 15 on the Cocky & Rude Purity Test?
25. Posted to a Blog named, “I Deny You The Nidus!

Ha!  The tables are turned!  Who can’t brag about his low score anymore?  HAHA! Post your scores in the comments…



18 thoughts on “Have You Ever…?”

  1. 4. 🙂 My first thought at the first question was “geez, FDot’s not the only one who does that apparently.” And then by #3, I knew what was going on!

    This is awesomely funny. You guys rule!


  2. Can I rant about spare change? Just for a minute? Ignore me if the answer is no.

    When I go to the US, if I accidentally slip a nickel, dime, quarter, etc. (Okay, I try to keep loonies and twoonies out of it) into my payment I basically get them tossed back in my face and profanities about liberal commies thrown at me. HOWEVER, in Canada, I spend ALL of my US coinage when I come back. No one cares here, a quarter is a quarter is a quarter. Sometimes when you get rolls of coins from the bank there will be American coins mixed in. Also if you were to say, write me a check for $500, I can simply come back and deposit it in my Canadian bank with no issues. There might be a hold on it for a few days, but no biggie. Try that with a Canadian check and Homeland Security will have your ass in a secret prison on a remote Caribbean island so fast you won’t have time to pack sunscreen. What’s up with you guys? Lighten up on the green people. Whew, /rant.

  3. Odd, it appears my score is 25 on this one…..therefore making me the only person to have a perfect score on a Have You Ever quiz! I rule! send me cake.

    I’m not sure what it means that both Josh and Tam managed to score over 5.

  4. Kris took the quiz, he scored a 5, which rather disturbs me as he’s never visited FDot’ blog and only heard me talk about him a few times, and yet he scores HIGHER than I DO!!! I who, read IDYTN regularly, comment on it, AND talk to FDot on a regular basis!!!

    Mayhap there’s some conversating going on betwixt these two that I’m unaware of! 🙂


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