Endowment Issues

Friday means fun here at Cocky and Rude. And what is more fun than penis, cock, schlong, one-eyed bishop or whatever you choose to call it. If there is one thing that people focus on when it comes to the p33ns, it is their size. As this informative graph indicates, there are certain lengths and girths that are deemed acceptable and pleasurable to the women who responded. I’m confident that men who respond would have similar responses. It should come as no surprise then that there are a number of reputable companies selling equipment, medication and techniques to increase the size of the willy.

Take PenisPlus+ for example. Sure the image on their homepage looks more like a sex toy than a medical device, but they have conducted a very scientific test study. The don’t give you any statistics about the number of people who participated in this study, but it does show that the product works on men of different ages and original penis sizes. I’m sure that all of these men were happy to report that their penis had indeed grown if it meant they could stop wearing that damn thing for 8 hours a day.

Then there is another product with a similar name. It is called Peniplus. The makers of Peniplus have realized that the issue of having too small or narrow a penis might not be something that they can fix. However, what they can do is give any man an additional penis. Watch their informational video before you judge!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m looking to add another penis to the mix I would have a threeway or go to a sex shop and buy a dildo. No medication! No Fuss! Just fun!


10 thoughts on “Endowment Issues”

  1. Holy crap, girth of 9 inches? That’s frightening. I can see why it’s a white box. I’m thinking that chart’s probably pretty accurage. Hey, I think a penis on a guy’s chin could be handy. Ahem. Just saying.

  2. I don’t know. It seems like mostly a cause of a sore neck. And blackouts when the blood rushes away from the brain.

  3. Also, from a woman’s perspective, there is only a limited amount of space in there, 6-7 inches on average, so 12 is just a pure waste and to be honest, having your cervix hammered from the inside is not all that fun.

  4. Tam: I’m not sure the average vagina is that deep. And seriously, 9″ around?!?

    Paul: Good call. Having hit a cervix in my day, it isn’t at all a pleasant feeling.

  5. I am mentally incapable of understanding graphs. Penises are alright I guess. I’d much rather judge men based on their appreciation of how I look in skin-tight jeans (it’s a really good indicator as to whether or not they’ll wanna run away wiff me and never look back!).

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