Adam or Mikey: the results

CLEARLY you’re all idiots and you need to read 253 more blog posts to get to know us better. In fact, you should read all of our blog posts and comment on them multiple times to gather additional information about us. If you were a very avid reader of our blog, you would have noticed by now that Mikey sometimes forgets to tag his posts and he forgot to tag his entries for yesterday’s challenge. All you needed to know about which statement was which blogger was in those tags.

Here’s the truth:
Adam has (1) never consumed shellfish, (2) has an unusual obsession with the Rosie O’Donnell show, (4) gags when he touches soft stuff (weirdo!), (6) hates vanilla scented candles, and (7) loves to dive into dumpsters.

Mikey is incredibly insulted that the majority of you thought he was the dumpster diver! In reality he was a (3) a big reading nerd in middle school, (5) has a dad who is a twin and a mom who has twin brothers, (8) read every word of Laura Ingalls Wilder (and wanted Michael Landon to be his dad), (9) hasn’t eaten any red meat or pork since he was 18 (Adam gave up all animal flesh when he was 14), and (10) failed at helping a friend cheat on an all important Social Studies exam.

You had better keep reading because there will be another pop quiz about 253 posts from now!


12 thoughts on “Adam or Mikey: the results”

  1. Hey, I got 80% on each. I just got the dumpster diving and steak questions mixed up and that was an honest mistake with Adam’s veganism. That’s pretty damn good I think. Yay me. High fives.

  2. Ok…so here is how everyone did….

    80% Tam’s Second comment
    70% Chris D (who put 4 for adam & 6 for me)
    60% Josh & Craig
    40% Polt, Michelle, John, & Tam’s first comment

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