Adam or Mikey?

After reading their 253 blog posts, you’ve learned a lot about Adam & Mikey.  So, let’s play a game.  Below, you’ll find a list of 10 statements.  Five of them are true about Adam, and five of them are true about Mikey.  Can you match which statements belong to which blogger?  Post your guesses in the comments, and we’ll reveal the answers on Tuesday at noon.

1. In my entire life, I’ve never consumed shellfish.

2. I had The Rosie O’Donnell show set to record every day, for later viewing.

3. I won an award in 7th grade for being the best reader in my grade.

4. Sometimes when I touch soft things (like polar fleece), I gag.

5. My father is a twin and my mother’s two older brothers are also twins.

6. I despise the scent of vanilla candles.

7. My grandfather used to take me dumpster diving, and I’m still a sucker for free stuff.

8. As a child, I read all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder novels.

9. The last time that I ate steak, I was 18 years old.

10. I helped a friend in elementary school cheat on a Social Studies exam through a system of signs, but he still failed because he couldn’t keep up.


11 thoughts on “Adam or Mikey?”

  1. john, I hope you’re not surprised that we came up with the same gueses, as you and I apparently are twins born to different mothers. 🙂


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