Just Another Manic Monday!

There are just so many random thoughts running through my mind!  It must be just another Manic Monday!

Saturday Night Live premiered over the weekend with host Amy Poehler and musical guest Katy Perry.  With the addition of four new cast members and special walk-on guests Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Justin Timberlake and probably a few others that I’m forgetting, they still couldn’t manage any real LOLs.  Katy didn’t sound all that great in her performance of California Gurls, but Teenage Dream sounded alright.  At least she wasn’t lip-syncing.  The only time I chuckled was when NY Governor Patterson showed up to spar with Fred Armisen’s Governor Patterson character.  But overall, the opening of season 36 was a big, lame “Meh.”  Just like all of season 35.  And 34.  And…

Those of you that know me know that I hate weather.  I hate experiencing it, I hate talking about it, I just hate weather.  But what do I hate most of all?  When the stupid air pressure changes quickly and makes my head feel like it’s going to explode.  On top of that, the leaves start falling and rotting … emitting mold spores that make my nose run like a faucet.  I may be vegan, a recycling fanatic, obsessed with conserving water and electricity … but fuck that.  Pump up the damn A/C so I can breathe!  And turn it on high!

Glee premiered last week, and it was … spectacular!  The two new kids fit in well, and how great is the name: Sunshine Corazon?  I only wish that Sue had interrupted Billionaire instead of Asian Gaga and Rachel’s Telephone.  And how great is Dot Jones’ Coach Shannon Beiste? I laughed, I cried, and for a second … I thought it was Ken Tanaka in makeup!

American Idol officially announced what everyone has been groaning about for months.  Next season’s judges will be Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.  After all the promotion I did for Idol here at C&R, I was disappointed that they didn’t accept my suggestions of Perez Hilton, Howard Stern, Paula Abdul and Joshrico.  Ridiculous, I tell you.  Simply ridiculous.  Is anyone even going to watch the show anymore?

I know that you don’t care, but I ate dinner at an awesome restaurant in New Hope, PA on Saturday!  Sprig & Vine: Pure Vegetarian is simply awesome.  I only dream of them Googling themselves, finding this mention on C&R and offering me a free dinner.  Please?

Undercovers was fun, right?  The new show from producer J.J. Abrams felt kind of Alias without the sci-fi aspect.  Clearly there’s more going on than meets the eye … as we can tell from Major Dad‘s secret phone calls and aside comments.  It should be fun … hopefully they don’t cancel it.

I also thought The Event was pretty good too, but it feels like it could quickly turn into Heroes.  To much concept, not enough… good writers?

An finally, the results are in on our latest game of Have You Ever and some of you are public restroom pervs!  (Click to enlarge!)

So basically, all I can think about is television, perverse restroom behavior, and awesome food … until my head explodes.  It hasn’t happened yet, but it might.  What’s on your mind today?  Tell me about your Manic Monday in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday!”

  1. Undercovers was good, not great. Mr. and Mrs. Undercover were extremely likable (and gorgeous) though, so I’ll be sticking around for a while. Mr. Undercover’s facial hair bothers me though. It’s too precise.

  2. You go Jere. I’m kind of shocked that Josh scored higher than Polt. There’s something wrong with that.

    My mind is just trying to block out the fact that it’s Monday and work awaits. I’m pretending it’s the weekend, unsuccessfully.

    I have never seen an episode of American Idol. A record I intend to keep. People will watch at first just to see if J-Lo is a bitch and Tyler is stoned, then they’ll drift away likely.

  3. Am I the only one who thought Mr. Undercover sounds exactly like Shemar Moore? Even my kid said “Isn’t that the guy from the crime show?” Not that sounding, or looking, like Shemar Moore is a bad thing. Noooo. *rowr*

  4. Didn’t watch SNL cuz it sucks without Betty White!

    I love fall weather! So Suck it Adam!

    GLee is amazing! I love Beiste!!!!

    American Idol continues the suckfest. You will not be able to get me to watch this year.

    Yay Vaginatarian restaurants!


    The Event…meh

    Have you ever…i’m still shocked anyone was below a 5…how is that possible???

  5. I agree with your SNL paragraph.

    It’s freakin 100 degrees out here and our AC broke today.

    Can’t wait for Glee tomorrow.

    AI – The show has been on a decline. I’ll probably watch the first show. Maybe.

    Undercovers was okay. Reminds me of Hart to Hart (which you and Mikey are too young to remember). Beautiful people in beautiful places. I agree about the facial hair. Shave that off!

    Watched The Event. Won’t be continuing with it. I don’t want to be dragged into another mystery show (which they’ll probably cancel anyway).

  6. SNL…other than the Betty White episode, I haven’t seen one since 2008 (they did pretty well with the election stuff that year).

    Glee..Beiste is awesomeness personified! And well so is Sam…or at least his hairthing and lips are.

    LURVE me some cooler autumn weather!

    Watched one seasons of AI, the one where it was obviously rigged cause Chris Duaghtery (clearly THE best singer that year) got kicked off before three others…and that the same year that guy that sings like a drunken uncle at a wedding recpetion won. Pffft, AI is dead to me.

    Tam: It disturbs me too that Josh scored higher than I did…I think I shall have to making more trips to public restrooms now to correct that.

    What was *I* thinking about this Monday? Kris stayed over last night into today…do I need to say more about what I was thinking? 🙂


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