Hot Men, or How to know if a show is Good: Part 2

Welcome back to our countdown of what really counts from this year’s new television offerings: the hotness of the male stars. Yesterday we covered the bottom 15 shows based on the looks of their men. Today we cover the best of the best. Get ready for the heat. 

Boris Kodjoe

8. The Walking Dead – This zombie themed offering from AMC might give some the creeps but the male stars will make you happy to still be alive. Jon Bernthal and Andrew Lincoln‘s sexiness is the only weapon I need to know that they will win this war against the undead.

7. Undercovers
– Boris Kodjoe pratically oozes sexuality in clips from this new J.J. Abrams show. He sizzles and pops, but he alone could not bring this show into my top five. 

6. Lone StarJames Wolk‘s boy next door adorableness makes me want to melt, which is probably how he has been able to be a successful con man. I’m certain that the producers of this show are banking on it’s star’s hotness to make his two-timing ways more palatable. He might get all the babes on the show, but the lack of other men to ogle also causes this show to stay out of the top five. 

5. Hellcats – The CW knows how to play by the rules of television and this show is does not stray from the party line. Sex is the centerpiece of this cheerleading centered show and boy are these some lucky cheerleaders. There is a wide array of man candy to choose from including Robbie Jones, Matt Barr, Jeff Hephner, & Craig Anderson. They even have D. B. Woodside to appeal to more mature audiences. They have my attention. 

Jason Ritter

4. Raising Hope – The adorable Lucas Neff and the sexy Garrett Dillahunt make this show rise to the top my spank bank this season. Incomprehensibly they play father and son on this new comedy from Fox. Let’s hope they can keep the sexiness alive. 

3. The Event – After one week of this show, I have no idea what it is about. I do know that the men on it are incredibly sexy. Jason Ritter has become the hot go to young man on television and Blair Underwood has become the hot go to man to play the president. Throw in Gilmore Girl’s alum Scott Patterson and you have covered all your bases. 

Alex O'Loughlin

2. Chase – I really don’t want to watch this show at all, but the casting directors knew what they were doing. Cole Hauser, Marco Martinez, & Jesse Metcalfe are enough to make me forget that this show is about some chick who does stuff and just might be able to get me to watch something on NBC not starring Tina Fey. 

1. Hawaii Five-O – And the creme de la cream you pants cast on this reboot is the hottest new offering this year. Lost’s Daniel Dae-Kim stayed in Hawaii to work on this show and our libidos are grateful. Scott Caan‘s face might be a bit Taylor Lautner-esque but as long as he is shirtless I don’t mind. But the true star of this show is Alex O’Loughlin’s torso. No one can compete with that. No One. 

Phew…that was a lot of oggling and evaluating of men. I can’t believe I made it through, but it was completely selfless folks. I wanted you to all know what hotness you had on your hands this year. Let me know if you dispute my rankings…or if there are any hotties I’ve missed.


7 thoughts on “Hot Men, or How to know if a show is Good: Part 2”

  1. Hellcats is horrible. It took me 3 episodes to figure it out. The boys are cute, though.

    I vote Boris for hottest actor in new show.

  2. I can’t believe you guys have never heard of spank bank. Sigh.

    I have to say if we could just hook Alex and Jason up in a show it would be golden. Preferably them together if you know what I mean. I guess I’ll have to check out Hawaii 5-0. No clue when it’s on though.

  3. @Mel Links should be fixed…I say should because my net has been sooo wonky that i never know if it really works…

    And I’m with Tam…i can’t believe I’m introducing you all to spank bank!

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