Have You Ever … In A Public Restroom!

Following last week’s Purity Test, we’ve decided to have a bit more fun.  We’re going to play a game of Have You Ever!  Below is a list of 25 questions.  For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point.  When you reach the end, add up your points, and post your total in the comments section.  Then we’ll all have fun judging each other!

Have You Ever…

1. Peed in a public restroom?
2. Pooped in a public restroom?
3. Pooped in a urinal in a public restroom?
4. Used a paper toilet seat cover in a public restroom?
5. Spent more than an hour in a public restroom?
6. Skipped a hand wash in a public restroom?
7. Sent a text message while standing at a urinal in a public restroom?
8. Sent a text message while sitting on a toilet in a public restroom?
9. Answered your cell phone in a public restroom?
10. Used a hand dryer until my hands were actually dry in a public restroom?
11. Stopped up a toilet and ran from a public restroom (without fixing it or telling someone)?
12. Popped a zit in a public restroom?
13. Written on the walls of a public restroom?
14. Purchased a condom from a machine in a public restroom?
15. Sneaked a peek of someone else’s privates in a public restroom?
16. Kissed a stranger in a public restroom?
17. Sat with a wide stance in hopes that the person in the next stall would get the message, in a public restroom?
18. Peed on the floor, walls or sink of a public restroom?
19. Pooped on the floor, walls or sink of a public restroom?
20. Masturbated in a public restroom?
21. Orally pleasured someone in a public restroom?
22. Had sex in a public restroom?
23. Used a glory hole in a public restroom?
24. Did (illegal) drugs in a public restroom?
25. Left an upper decker in a public restroom?

Ewww!  You disgusting freak!  Look at all those gross things you’ve done in a public restroom.  But it’s okay.  You’re among friends.  Post your total and we’ll talk it out in the comments!


34 thoughts on “Have You Ever … In A Public Restroom!”

  1. How did I get 39.4? Wait, wait, no, let’s see, if I don’t carry the seven… why did I divide that? Damn, I hate math. Um, I got 16. 17 if you count a sorta-public restroom in the lobby of an apartment building.

  2. 5 I think girls have less opportunity to do things like sneak peaks at other’s privates since we have doors. You should have asked have you ever used the opposite sex’s bathroom, I’d have another point.

    Damn, Jere’s a whore. 😉

    Ha, love the add in the corner, some sprayer for you butt. Too funny.

  3. When I was working at a Staples store, a customer left an upper decker in our bathroom. Since the bathroom was always dirty and smelly, no one really noticed a difference for quite a while. THEN we started getting little black flies all over the store, and a manager discovered the maggot-infested mess. Problem was — the toilet was sealed up inside the tank, so the rotting poo just sat there for what could have been a week or so. Luckily, the manager decided that he couldn’t task anyone with the disgusting job, so he ended up cleaning it up himself.

  4. Damn you for making me click on that Mikey. I figured if I didn’t know what it was I was safe going with no, which was the case but now I can’t unsee that. Arrggghhh.

  5. And here I was wondering how one would even do an upperdecker in a public restroom since most public toilets don’t have tanks. Thanks for enlightening me Adam.

  6. And Michelle! I feel like all normal human beings have peed, pooped, dried their hands and used a paper seat cover at least ONCE in their lives. How is a 3 even possible??

  7. @Adam just because you have had orgies in the men’s room during which poo was put in urinals, upper deckers were produced, you pooped on the floor, doesn’t mean that we all have

  8. And Tim, yeah, the 15 in the other quiz was one thing, but this score is beginning to look like you’ve spent your life locked in someone’s basement … 😉

  9. I don’t know how this is possible, but I only scored a 12. Hmm, perhaps I prefer to have my perversions elsewhere than public bathrooms?

    I’m kinda embarrassed that I tied with Adam and allowed Mikey and Jere to score higher than me! I’ll see Kris this weekend, we’ll see if he rules this list as well.


  10. As long as FDot’s three aren’t 19, 23 and 25 I’m good with his score.

    I don’t know as a guy how you can NOT sneak a peak with that whole urinal thing. It’s just right out there for the world to see. You can’t miss it. Well, if someone’s missing it, that speaks more to a medical issue.

  11. Adam – I have no patience for the hand dryers. I try, but always end up wiping my hands on my pants. And they never deliver the bacon, either.

    You forgot, “have you ever puked in a public restroom?” Because I haven’t done that either.

  12. MIchelle M.: Since he didn’t include puking in the original test (thank GOD), I guess puking won’t be included in any tests here. Again, thanks be to God!


  13. @Adam That would be telling.

    Justin — Basement, please. Attic more likely. I’m Rapunzel but with better hair.

    Tam — You can calm your fears about those three specific numbers.

  14. Kris just took the test, he only got a 16. He seemed a bit disappointed…until he saw everyone else’s scores. Now he’s a bit more satisfied. 🙂


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