The End of Summer

Summer is over; well at least the way it is observed in most of the United States where “summer” means the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Students young and old are heading back to school and the rest of us are facing the crush of tasks that must be accomplished before the holidays start. Before we buckle down into the fall, let’s look back and remember what the warm days have given us. Did we get all of our summer activities done? Or did the monstrous heat and humidity keep you trapped in your a/c? We already learned what Chloë wanted to do this summer and I truly hope her fight against Beaujolais nouveau was successful. But what about me?

I don’t know that I had such rigid goals as Chloë did, but I think my summer was quite successful. I had two vacations that covered three weeks of time and eight states. On one of those vacations, Adam managed to get me to climb a mountain (a mountain that he calls a hill) and then I naturally went tumbling down. Between the two vacations, Adam drove like a nervous granny to pick me up in the city and take me to the Puntabulous Pool Party. Of course we were maddeningly late because Adam insisted that I visit my childhood home, but the party was a great success even if Adam didn’t succeed in getting me to take my clothes off and jump into the pool. Finally I took a week long trip to North Carolina with friends. Throughout all of this Adam and I made a bunch of you try to lose weight even though summer is not exactly a great time for abstaining from excess.

Despite my failure to lose all the weight I wanted, I think this summer has been a fantastic success. I’ve enjoyed time with old friends and made new ones. I’ve taken more time off this summer than I have ever done before in my life. I’m incredibly grateful for the past three months of fun and I now know why people like this season despite the unbearable heat. So here is a final toast to summer! Did you get everything you wanted out of the sun this year? Leave it in the comments.


4 thoughts on “The End of Summer”

  1. Sounds like good summer for you. I too had a couple of vacations. I went to Virginia and spent 5 days with a bunch of my on-line girlfriends, laughing, drinking and hanging in the pool, then the kidlet and I did the whole New England/Long Island/NYC thing for two weeks which included the amazing pool party. I was great to meet so many friends in person and we had a blast. That was really it for me and my plans. The rest of the summer was just spend doing regular stuff, nothing special. Back to school tomorrow, my supervisor is back at work after a month off (ugh) and I’m off to Halifax for work next Monday. Busy busy.

  2. This was a fun summer! I did a lot of the things I’ve been dying to do:

    1. Dance with tears in my eyes.
    2. Get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans.
    3. Went a-walkin’ after midnight.
    4. Was safe up high (where nuffin’ can touch me).
    5. Lived like I was dying.
    6. Went through guys like money flyin’ out their hands.

    Didn’t get around to doing the following:

    1. Hit you with my electronic, supersonic rocket. (hey!)
    2. Run fast for my mother and fast for my father.
    3. Run for my chillunz, my sister & my brother.
    4. Go to a mountaintop with a radio/fresh batteris & play a joyous tune.
    5. Was a creep, was a loser.
    6. Do it like you do it to me.

  3. I didn’t do any of the things on josh’s list.

    I did get to visit New York – and had a great time meeting my Puntabufriends. And I gave my two weeks notice at my job this week – so that was a highlight as well.

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