The Holla from Corolla:Part Two!

As you learned yesterday (or might not have learned since Adam decided to post in the middle of the day to draw attention away from me), I fearlessly found my way down to North Carolina for my week of sun and fun with friends. But what kind of fun did I get up to on my week away from work? Let’s see how our story goes.

The land we claimed for a week

Our first day on the beach was gloriously sunny and hot with amazing waves to ride all the way to the shore. The first day was also Glee Day on the beach, which essentially meant I played all of the music I have from the show on my portable iPod speakers. I delighted in making other beachgoers rock out to my favorite tunes all week. We eventually had many themed days including Lady Gaga, Madonna, Billy Joel, and Michael Jackson. After we soaked up as much sun as humanly possible (and for my white-ass-whiteness that meant lots of sunblock), we headed back to the house for some chow

Cheese covered in corn and then more cheese

On every day but one, we had amazing home cooked meals. From burgers to lasagna we had our fill of incredibly delicious food. My favorite meal was the cheese enchiladas that Kim made. I could eat these every day of the rest of my life as long as I could top them with amazingly delicious sour cream.

About mid-week we had a little rainy weather which necessitated a break from the beach. Fortunately I had planned ahead and previously corked a watermelon with vodka to make

Just Add Vodka & More Vodka

watermelon martinis. They were very delicious and with just a tad too much alcohol, which is how you know they

are really good. Once we were good and buzzed we decided to go out to eat. Our original plan was to visit the Dirty Dick’s we had seen advertised so many times on our journey

Who needs a talent show...

onto the island, but we had no luck as the address we had pointed us to a Mexican restaurant. I guess when you advertise yourself as giving everyone crabs you are just begging for trouble. We did end up eating at the Outer Banks Brewing Station who had the most amazing hushpuppies. Drooooool!

Most nights we were too exhausted from beach fun (or reading ) to do much other than sit around and play board games. Each night we played a game or two to keep the night moving. If I can recall correctly, we played Poker, Uno, True Colors, Mexican Train Dominoes and Bananagrams. One of our games of Uno lasted almost 90 minutes and will be forever discussed as the “remember that time played that epic game of Uno.” I commemorated the event by lipsynching into a wine bottle. Classy!

Last night...must finish alcohol

Sadly our week came to an end and we had to pack up all our stuff and leave the island to return to our lives. I can safely say that this was one of the best vacations I have ever had.  We never did get to visit Try My Nuts because they were always closed by the time we got there, but we did take photos outside of them. We will always have the memories we made that week.  I have no clue what I we were doing in this photo however

So tell me what you thought about my vacation! Do you think you can do better????


12 thoughts on “The Holla from Corolla:Part Two!”

  1. My vacation = Puntabu-pool party. Yeah. I think I can do better. 🙂 Although yours was pretty amazing. The beach looks gorgeous and the watermelon yummy.

  2. Is it sad that the 14 year old’s biceps look bigger than yours?

    Oh, and I’m with Tam: Puntabupoolparty Weekend, baby! That’s gonna trump most any other vacation option this year!


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