It Does a Body Good

As you might have noticed, Cocky & Rude has been taken over by the weight loss craze.  Our Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser Contest started on Thursday with seven people and one cat battling the bulge for an exclusive luxurious prize! I am playing no holds barred and spending all of my calories on surfing the internet looking for cheap and easy ways to lose weight. I want something fun and creative to include in the contest.  Anyone can exercise and eat rice cakes but that is just intellectually lazy.  My strategy is to find all the different items (some of which may contradict the others) that can help with my weight loss.  At one point in my current history, I remember hearing about how milk can help dieters.

I then set out to learn everything I could possible learn about milk from the internet, which we all know to be a completely reliable source of information that is above reproach like the New York Times. I googled away and found tons of articles about how milk can be great for you and how milk can be terrible for you.  I was torn.  I didn’t know whether to go crazy weird vegan like some people or drive out to a dairy farm and have my lips permanently attached to a cows udder.

What on earth can you do in this kind of situation to solve your dilemma?  I decided that going to youtube and seeing what random milk searches would give me.  I was surprised and disturbed by what i found. Before viewing, some of you who like to think of yourselves as viriginal might want to read this wikipedia link to learn more about something that will make the video thoroughly entertaining.

The resolution of my conflict came when I knew that I could always use this video to induce vomiting should I feel I have consumed too many empty calories.  I advise you to do the same.


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